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I Made Over $100 From My First Full Month on Medium

For years, I’ve dreamt of making money through blogging. And for the first time in my life, it’s happening.

I joined Medium in mid November, and then I joined the Partner Program in the last week of November. In that final week, I made over $5, which broke even for my membership payment. (Note: Medium is a free platform with limited access, but membership allows full access.)

December is my first full month as a Medium Partner. It’s safe to say now that it has been a vastly successful beginning. For the month of December, I’ve made $106.77 in total.

For the month of December, I’ve made $106.77 in total.

It feels unreal and I think I’m still in denial. I spent the past two or three years frustrated that I wasn’t earning anything from blogging. I never gave up because blogging is a passion of mine and ultimately I do it because I love it, regardless of cost.

I almost wish I joined Medium earlier, but I also believe that timing is everything, and it wasn’t my time yet. At first, what I wanted most was exposure, and my original blog allowed me to achieve that. While I earn far more from Medium views, I receive far more views on my original blog even though it earns nothing.

I’m thankful that I took those few years to build a foundation and figure out what my writing style was. I also think that on some level, I wasn’t ready for success. It’s true that success is scarier than failure.

I’m excited to see what the future holds. My greatest fear is that this will be my peak, and I’ll never earn this much money from blogging ever again. But I’m trying my best to keep a positive mindset.

Thank you so much to all of my viewers, for your kind words and support. Keep on writing!

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