Tips On How I Get Myself Through Tough Times

These are my greatest tips on how to push yourself through difficulties.

I tell myself that it could be worse

I know that’s the last thing you want to hear when you’re upset — “it could always be worse!

But sometimes, that’s exactly what you need to hear. Open the news and the first thing you will see is a story about how horrible someone’s life is or what awful tragedy has struck a community.

This is not to say that you should rejoice in someone else’s pain. However, you can feel slight relief to know that the circumstances could be so much worse than what you’re currently going though.

When I really don’t feel like going to work, I think about how many people, especially from much poorer countries, who are begging for work. I think of how desperate some people are to have someone pay them for their labor. It’s something that we truly take for granted.

And again, this is not to boast myself, but to humble myself. It still makes me sad to know that we live in a world where people are facing such devastating circumstances. So, that completely humbles me, to see how much I take my fortune for granted.

I use positive affirmations

When you feel bad, all you want to do is think about (or talk about) how badly you feel. I’m so tired, I’m so pissed off, I feel so horrible, etc.

But repeating those words, whether in your head or aloud, is like a snowball effect. It will only make things even worse. What you say, you are manifesting.

In turn, when you say positive words, it also snowballs — into something positive. I am lucky, I am happy, I am feeling fantastic!

It feels very unnatural and forced at first. But it’s worth a shot. The worst thing that can happen is that you feel a little silly for a moment. However, you’ll be surprised to know how effective it is in time, as you become more comfortable thinking (or better yet speaking) it!

I talk to my friends

I make a point to talk to my friends and check up on them. It helps to know that you aren’t alone. Your friend may also be going through a hard time, or you may both even be struggling over the same thing.

And if your friend seems perfectly happy, that’s also good too. That means that they can help you see things from a more positive perspective.

You don’t want to exhaust yourself socially, but you definitely don’t want to isolate yourself completely either. Just a quick phone call, or a long text message, or going out to lunch together is all you need to bring back a sense of connection.

I push myself to keep up with chores

The last thing you want to do when you’re feeling depressed is clean, or get groceries, or do laundry, or organize your home, etc. You’d rather sit back and let it pile up. You don’t have the strength.

Yet, the more it all piles up, the more overwhelmed you will feel. And it’s hard to feel happy and relaxed in an unkempt environment. You have to conquer it before it gets much worse.

Getting into cleaning mode means forcing yourself to think in the long term. And one of the greatest reasons for suffering is a mindset that is stuck in the short term. Training your mind to put the future into account will remind you that tough times don’t last. So when you put off one load of laundry, one shopping trip, one round of dishes etc., think about how much worse you’ll feel when it’s not one but five to ten!

I engage in hobbies and interests

Just as much as you push yourself to work, you also have to push yourself to play. It can actually take a lot of energy to do something you love — but once you get past that initial push, you’ll see that energy coming right back to you.

Sometimes it takes a lot of work to remind yourself how much you love something, especially when you’re feeling down. I love to write, but brainstorming ideas and editing my work takes a lot of mental power. I love to go on nature walks, but hiking takes a lot of physical stamina. I love to make crafts, but getting all of my materials and putting it all together is tiring.

However, once I actually am doing it, I feel great. You may think that you have lost your passion for everything, but going from “thinking about doing it” to “actually doing it” makes all the difference.

I let myself feel sad

And at last, I let myself feel sad. You can push your sadness away, but there are moments when you must allow it to be there.

You don’t want to dwell in sadness to the point of drowning. It’s all about balance; there is a balance between pushing yourself and being gentle with yourself. After some pushing, it’s okay to let it go for a minute.

Crying can be very healing. The initial tears are uncomfortable, and sometimes you feel very “stupid” in the midst of a crying session, but as soon as it’s over there is a wave of sweet relief. It’s like all of the sadness you have been bottling up is now released. It’s a good thing.

I listen to sad songs. I don’t do it often, but when I’m feeling gloomy, it just hits the spot. You can hear the lyrics much more clearly when you’re sad. It helps to know that the pain you feel is universal which is another reminder that you aren’t alone; it also helps to convey your feelings into material sound.

I journal about why I’m feeling sad. Just like music, or any form of art, it is spectacular to take your feelings and turn them into something physical. Feelings are so confusing, mysterious, and untouchable — to take something that can’t be seen, heard, touched, smelt, or taste — and to put that into the physical world as a journal entry, a song, a craft, a home cooked dish, etc. — is so healing.

And I write. And I share my sadness with the world just as much as I share my happiness.


9 thoughts on “Tips On How I Get Myself Through Tough Times

  1. Absolutely true! Keeping up with chores is one of the best ways to distract yourself when feeling down. Engaging in hobbies that you enjoy can also work wonders in helping you to forget your worries and sadness. And if all else fails, sometimes it’s helpful to force yourself to go outside and appreciate the beauty of nature if the weather is nice enough. Nothing works better than some fresh air and sunshine!

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      1. Omg same. We get really harsh winters here and winter lasts about 8 months. This morning, I wanted to go for a walk but couldn’t because the sidewalk and roads were covered with a sheet of ice and it was cloudy. I had to wait until 3pm for the ice to melt. Today wasn’t a good day, but hopefully tomorrow will be better.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ugh that’s awful!!! I did not take advantage of the good weather last spring and summer. Definitely going to change that this year. And I’m sorry to hear that, hope tomorrow can turn around for you!!

        Liked by 1 person

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