Horoscope for February 2023

February starts out with a full moon in Leo on the 5th. Excitement is bursting, as you and your friends are eager to express yourselves. There could certainly be some drama around this time. Conflict may stir, but you can avoid a fight by keeping things lighthearted and silly, rather than feeding into anger. Your inner child is coming to the surface — address your childhood wounds by making space for some fun and play in your life.

The second week of February sparks an important conversation, as Mercury enters Aquarius on the 11th. You may have a thoughtful chat with someone about what the future holds. If you’re looking for change within your community or workplace, holding a meeting around this day could bring some serious progression.

The 18th marks the beginning of Pisces season. The second half of February is bound to be more tranquil, introspective, and spiritual than the prior. The 20th brings a full moon in Pisces; this is an excellent day for isolating yourself from the world in order to get in touch with your innermost feelings. You very well may have a lucid or prophetic dream. Wisdom and insight is heightened.

Also on the 20th, Venus enters Aries. A fresh, new beginning is happening within your relationships. You may feel overcome with eagerness to reach out to your loved ones in order to plan a fun date. Alongside, your loved ones are feeling more energized and motivated to spend time with you. A burst of passion between you and someone special comes through at this time.

Personal horoscopes:

Check your sun, moon, and rising signs.

Aries, the first week of February is full of creativity, joy, and childlike wonder for you. For those of you with children in your life, you’re feeling extra connected to them around the 5th. And for those who don’t, you’re feeling like a kid yourself! When memories of your childhood rush to the surface, allow them to come through. And don’t be too shy to try something new and explore the unknown.

Around the second week, you’re feeling incredibly social. Communication between you and your friends, your teammates, and your coworkers are flowing with ease. A particular conversation could pop up surrounding matters of the future — take some time to think about where you envision yourself in the upcoming years. Do not hold back when it comes to expressing your true dreams to someone.

After experiencing a burst of energy in the first half of February, the latter brings some exhaustion, so take the last two weeks to slow down. With Venus entering your sign on the 20th, you’re going to be feeling more passive than usual. Indulge in self-love and allow your loved ones to work for you, rather than vice versa.

Taurus, the first half of February places major focus on your home and family. There may be a particular family member, or several, requiring more of your attention at the time. On the other hand, there may be some issues at home that need tending to. Don’t feel bad about canceling plans or drawing boundaries around the 5th, when you’re craving a cozy and relaxing night in.

There’s a conversation happening around your career. You may be surprised to find that coworkers, bosses, and clients have a lot to say about you — all good things, likely! This is the best time for you to speak up if you have been seeking a raise or promotion at your job. Whatever you have to say, people are certainly paying careful attention. Some of you may be asked to give a speech or presentation.

The latter part of February brings a strong sense of connection and belonging. You’re feeling social, giving, and needed. It feels like you have found your “tribe” — whether it be at your job, at home, or within your family or friendship circle. However, when it comes to your love life, you may feel more timid and secretive — there could be a hidden lover or affair, or simply an intense desire to keep the intimate details of your love life protected.

Gemini, the first part of February has you feeling more social than ever — parties, gatherings, long phone calls, and so forth. You could very well likely be involving yourself in a new hobby or creative project. Let your creativity flow!

A conversation around the 11th is bound to raise your consciousness. You may find yourself talking to someone who has a completely different perspective than yours — open your mind and let them help you see things differently. You’re learning a lot of new things. Also, this is a ripe time for making travel plans. If you are thinking of planning a trip or making final touches to your upcoming vacation, utilize the second week of this month to do so.

In the second part of February, the energy shifts from playful to serious, as you’re focusing extra hard on your career. Many of you are taking a big step within your career path — perhaps a new job, a new project, or a new set of responsibilities. Your coworkers and teammates are admiring you more than usual — take advantage of this as an opportunity to move ahead!

Cancer, coming into February, you’re likely to receive a bonus paycheck from work or lavish gift from a loved one. Whatever it is, financial blessings are coming through! You may feel inspired to indulge in some retail therapy — just be sure that you don’t spend it all in one place.

An intriguing conversation pops up around the 11th. For some, this could be an interrogation in which someone corners you. Or, this could be someone confiding in you with a very dark secret. Keep your cards close to your chest, and be sure that someone’s words are aligning with their actions. Lots of mystery is in the air.

A simple conversation could open up an entire rabbit hole, as you’re spending the second part of February digging into the details. Your thirst for knowledge is at an all-time high. You’re demanding answers. A select few of you are feeling tempted to pack your bags, move across the globe, and change your identity completely. Whatever information you’re holding onto, others are desperate to get it out of you — but you’ll refuse. Around the 20th, you may find out that someone special, possibly a coworker, has great affection for you.

Leo, the full moon on the 5th of February takes place in your zodiac sign! The spotlight is on you! The first part of February could have you feeling very lucky and special. Putting yourself first and tending to your needs brings good fortune. Enjoy it!

For those of you in a relationship, your partner wants to have a serious conversation with you around the 11th. As for singles, this could be a business partner coming to you with a great proposition. The universe urges you to talk to your partner about your own needs and desires. If you have been feeling neglected or taken advantage of by this person, now is your time to speak up. Let them know that your feelings matter.

The second part of February brings on secrets, mysteries, and controversy. You’ve had a lot of questions on your mind lately — this is your time to investigate. You’ll be feeling very drawn towards conspiracies, taboos, and esoteric subjects. Also at this time, you’re ready to take your relationship or your love life to a new level. Sharing a deep secret or a hidden desire with your loved one could really strengthen your bond with each other.

Virgo, walking into February, you’re feeling a bit more withdrawn and isolated than usual. This is not a bad thing, but a great opportunity for connecting with the darkest and most hidden parts of yourself. This could spark an intense revelation. Journaling is incredibly beneficial for you at this time. Think hard about what it is that you need to let go of in order to find peace.

A talk with your doctor or healthcare professional may be necessary around the second week. If you have been suffering from any health issues, speaking up about it is the only way to resolve them. Now is the best time to seek out medical advice. You also may find yourself feeling even more analytical than usual in social settings — be careful that you do not pick apart people’s words to the point of exhaustion.

Your focus shifts from inwards to outwards by the third week of February. After the prior two weeks of rest and reflection, you’re inspired to pour all of your attention on that special someone. If you’re coupled up, then your partner takes center stage at this time. And if you’re single — you likely won’t be for long, as commitment is in the air! You will feel a surge of intimacy with this person around the 20th. However, the universe urges you to keep this connection secluded and secure, rather than showing it off for the world to see.

Libra, you’re feeling very hopeful about the future as February begins. You’ve got a strong support system surrounding you, and it shows! Make the most out of this energy by hosting a gathering with your closest friends. Also, think hard about a wish of yours that you may have brushed aside in the past — it’s worth revisiting right now.

If there’s a child in your life, they are eager to spend more time with you around the second week of the month. This is an excellent time for reconnecting with them. Alongside, it wouldn’t hurt for you to speak up about this wish of yours that was once put on the back burner. You’d be surprised how many friends of yours are more than willing to help you achieve whatever this is that your heart desires.

Coming into the third week, you’re fixating on your health and fitness. Consider starting a new diet plan, workout routine, or skincare regime on the 20th — this is the best day to plant your seed if you want to see longterm results. And lastly, romance is bubbling between you and your partner around this time. You may be surprised to learn that someone is more serious about you than you realized.

Scorpio, the first part of February has lots of attention coming your way — especially in regards to your career. You’re receiving a lot of recognition at your workplace. It’s likely that you are throwing a lot of focus and energy into your job. Don’t be surprised to find yourself in the spotlight, feeling like everyone is staring at you in awe.

Mid-month, there may be an important conversation in regards to your home or your family. You might need to speak to someone about your living situation, perhaps talk about moving or making changes to your living arrangements. Or, there could be a family member who has an urgent message to tell you.

Towards the end of February, there’s a lot of joyous energy in the air. You’ll be feeling more creative, imaginative, and childlike. If you’re looking to conceive, the 20th is the perfect time to do so — and if not, then this is an excellent day for birthing a new, personal project. Alongside, the universe is blessing your health around this day. Working out with your partner will bring more sparks into the relationship.

Sagittarius, the first part of February is an excellent time for traveling somewhere exotic or learning something new. Take a roadtrip, visit a distant friend, or explore foreign territory. And if you’re stuck a home, dive your nose into a book and study something that truly fascinates you. The full moon on the 5th is sure to expand your perception, somehow.

The middle of February is sure to be very social for you. A lot of people will be reaching out to you, and you’ll find that conversation flows easily. A sibling or coworker in particular may pull you aside for a long chat around the 11th.

The energy shifts around the 20th, when you’ll suddenly find yourself feeling much more withdrawn. Do not feel guilty about craving isolation. Tend to your home by catching up on household chores and then relaxing on the couch with a feel good movie. Plus, there’s a special someone who wants to get frisky with you around this day because you make them feel young again!

Capricorn, you’re feeling quite mysterious around the first part of February. Themes of conspiracies, puzzles, and the occult are on your mind. Let yourself slide down the rabbit hole to seek these answers.

Around the 11th, there’s a conversation happening around money and possessions. This is a great opportunity for you to seek financial advice. You may want to sit down and talk to your partner about one another’s spending habits. This could also be a ripe time to sway your boss for a pay raise.

The second part of February is going to be very social for you. Embrace teamwork, support groups, and unions. New ideas can bounce around between you and your friends. There is also a lot of sweetness floating around your home and family. You could be feeling especially cozy with your partner, and are advised to have a relaxing night in together rather than go out into town.

Aquarius, the full moon that occurs on the 5th of February takes place in your opposing house — lighting up “your other half.” A significant other — your partner, your romantic interest, or your best friend takes center stage. In early February, you’re very focused on a special someone. In other cases, this may not be romantic or even platonic — this could be a business partner who can bring you great success in your career.

Mercury, the planet of communication, transits into your zodiac sign on the 11th. Mid-month brings you a significant conversation — likely with that special someone who has been on your mind since the start of this month. You’re ready to speak your mind and tell this person exactly what you want from them.

Wrapping up February, you’re very focused on your money and your resources. You’re thinking a lot about who you can rely on — physically, financially, and emotionally. Teamwork at your job is feeling really good around the 20th. Also around this day, there could be another important conversation with your partner or romantic interest.

Pisces, coming into February, you’re very focused on your health and wellness. Keeping a steady routine and sticking to schedule will help ease your anxiety. The 5th marks the perfect day for a hefty workout or a therapeutic, meditation session.

Mid-month, there’s a private conversation happening between you and another. Someone could come to you with a secret, or vice versa. Be careful about who you choose to trust and make sure you keep vulnerable information on the down-low.

The 18th marks the first day of Pisces season! Followed by that, is a new moon in Pisces on the 20th! Attention is drawn to the self, your identity, and your life purpose. You’re turning a new chapter and embracing a new journey. Around the 20th, a special someone could gift you with a romantic treasure — perhaps a sweet Valentine’s Day treat or an exciting birthday surprise! Enjoy!


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