30-day challenges

30 Day Challenge | Day 1 | What are you grateful for?

DAY 1 [ZEUS] What are you grateful for?

Zeus in Greek mythology, or Jupiter in Roman mythology, is the god of blessings and abundance.

I am grateful for…

  • My health — I have seen too many people have their health taken away. I’ve seen too many people in their twenties and thirties who are still so young have their health taken away. I suffered from Lyme disease and for a moment I thought I would be handicapped for the rest of my life. I’ve seen people born with health problems who never even had the chance to know a life of good health. When I’m dancing, hooping, walking, writing, driving, I remind myself that there are many people who can’t do any of this because of poor health.
  • Friends and family — having a support system and knowing that I’m not alone is incredibly important. I definitely cannot do life alone, which is hard to admit sometimes, but I do need to have people that I can rely on. And I’m grateful that have that.
  • My job — there are many days that I do not want to get out of bed, but having a full time job is a privilege. There are a lot of people out there who are begging for work. There are many people who can’t get jobs due to circumstances completely beyond their control. I’m lucky I was born and raised in a country and environment that gives me these opportunities. It’s even amazing to say that I have control over my career path and that I chose this.
  • My weekends — having said that, I am just as grateful for the days that I’m off work so I can recharge and catch up on personal things. There are many people out there who cannot afford to have weekends or PTO.
  • My cats — I love my cats so much, even when they drive me crazy, they bring me a sense of purpose and so much joy into my life. I think about how their lives are in my hands and how they need me to be there for them in order to survive. And it’s so beautiful to bond with them and have so much love with them when we don’t even speak the same language.
  • My home — I’m grateful to have a roof on my head, functioning electricity and plumbing, heat and AC, a warm bed to sleep in comfortably every night.
  • My country — I feel very fortunate to live in the USA, even though there are so many problems with it and I often dream about moving to another country, but ultimately I think about how many people who give up everything and leave their family behind to move here. We have a lot of opportunities here that we take for granted.
  • Being a woman– I really do think that men are more privileged, that life is easier for them, that they do not have to be concerned for their safety the same way that women do, and so forth. But I am grateful for being a woman because I could not have it any other way. We are magical. And beautiful.

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