30-day challenges

30 day challenge | Day 2 | What are you committed to/why?

[HERA] What are you committed to/why?

Hera is the goddess of marriage who is married to Zeus. Despite Zeus’s many affairs she still stands by him. Hera represents remaining dedicated to something regardless of the challenges.

Right now I am really committed to my health, eating the right foods and getting a lot of exercise. That also includes my mental health which is why I am doing this writing challenge. Writing has been good for my mental health, especially writing prompts like this that push me to check in with myself.

Also recently, I have consciously made the commitment to really keep my heart soft and spread this softness wherever I go. I don’t ever want to let the world toughen and harden me. I want to maintain my compassion and empathy and encourage others to do the same. I don’t want any anger or bitterness inside of me, I don’t want a life of being hard on myself or hard on everyone else. And so I have to really resist against how easy it is to slip into that bitter mindset. Compassion and empathy is a choice and it’s something you have to commit yourself to. It’s very easy to just get angry and hold grudges.


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