30-day challenges

30 day challenge | day 10 | your daily routines

DAY 10: [DEMETER] Your daily routines.

Demeter is the goddess of harvest. She is associated with the Virgo astrology sign which rules the sixth house of daily habits.

On work days, I like to wake up early and have close to an hour before I leave for work. I usually hit the snooze many times and end up waking up a half hour after my alarm. I get dressed, brush my teeth, do my makeup. Some days I wear contacts and some days I wear glasses, depends on my mood. And then I go to the kitchen to feed my cats, make tea, pack lunch, and make breakfast. I sit on my couch and eat breakfast and drink tea while watching TikTok videos on my phone. Take my vitamins and supplements. And then I leave for work.

After work, I make dinner right away and put on TV. I play with my cats and give them some lovin and then feed them dinner too. I may do some blogging after dinner. If I have the energy, I try to do a workout. I like to do either yoga or belly dancing. Occasionally hula hoop. And then I clean the kitchen and do dishes. I take a shower every other day. And then I’ll lay in bed with the cats and usually scroll on my phone before falling asleep. I like to play a podcast for some background noise while falling asleep, or sometimes ASMR. I always keep my Himalayan salt lamp on during sleep.

Weekends are pretty similar. Obviously I sleep in longer. But I try to keep a similar sleep schedule. I try not to stay up past 9 or 10 on weekends but it definitely depends on what I’m doing. And I try to wake up by 7, or else I feel really groggy the rest of the day. (Again, depends.)


3 thoughts on “30 day challenge | day 10 | your daily routines

  1. Great post
    What a lovely routine you have! It’s so important to have a consistent daily routine. Have you ever tried incorporating any new habits into your daily routine? Maybe something related to your career growth or personal development?


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