Album Review: “Dropped Again” by Brick + Mortar


“Dropped Again” is a new album that was released this spring by the indie-rock, psychedelic band Brick + Mortar. I happened to discover this band/album by stumbling upon a music video for “One Little Pill” on my Facebook feed. After sampling the album (and noticing it was on sale) I decided to give it a shot!

A track-by-track breakdown:

1. “Train”

5/5 stars: The first track is very catchy and sets a captivating tone for the whole album.

2. “Staying Gold”

5/5 stars: The chorus has a strong Pink Floyd vibe, which I really enjoy.

3. For Yellow Walls

3/5 stars: Totally experimental track which may have to grow on me a little more.

4. Hollow Tune

5/5 stars: I feel a lot of intense emotions in this song.

5. Move to the Ocean

4/5 stars: This extremely muffled track is quite repetitive but filled with fascinating lyrics.

6. Dark Skies

3/5 stars: This track didn’t really stand out to me, for better or worse.

7. Brighter Than the Sun

4/5 stars: A fast-paced track that makes you want to move around and clap your hands to the beat.

8. One Little Pill

5/5 stars: Here’s the track that first attracted me to the album. Its vibe is a beautiful mix between classic and experimental.

9. Great Escape

4/5 stars: The deeply authentic lyrics deserve more attention than the melody, which is very all-over-the-place.

10. Move to the Ocean (Remix)

5/5 stars: I really like the way they re-arranged the tune: much stronger.

OVERALL: 5/5 stars

Some tracks are better than others, but overall, this is a really unique and talented band that deserves its proper recognition. I would highly recommend this album to others, especially those who are into alternative music.


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