30-day challenges

Day 6: 5 ways to win your heart

  1. When I learn that someone is really sensitive and they feel a lot of deep emotions it will win my heart. Especially if they may come off as cold-hearted from the outside, but it’s really just a way of protecting their fragile heart.
  2. When someone really cares about animals it will win my heart — it shows that they are a compassionate and selfless person.
  3. When I see someone who is kind of weird and eccentric, it will win my heart. Someone who is never going to judge you, who thinks very differently, who appreciates uniqueness.
  4. When someone tells me little things that they notice about myself, things most people can’t see, it will win my heart. It shows that they are really paying attention.
  5. When someone seems really nervous around me then it will win my heart because it shows they must be a very humble person.


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