Fiction · Nature

Garden fairy

Ivy was a garden fairy who guarded her plant friends with fierce protection. On days when the human gardeners slacked off and left her garden dehydrated, her anger caused a rainstorm, and this kept her plant friends happily hydrated. Her garden was upmost important to her, for she felt so passionate about the plant kingdom. Often she would cry about the state of Earth’s environment and the recklessness and carelessness of humans.

At times she felt so distraught that she caused wild thunderstorms and hurricanes, instead of light rainfall. Once, she accidentally struck an innocent man with lightning during one of her tantrums. Immediately remorseful, she examined the intimidating man to make sure he was okay, while attempting to remain hidden.

But he saw her! And she gasped!

“Look what you did!” He cried out.

The garden fairy apologized and explained herself — explained that her rage was because of the carelessness and recklessness of humans.

“Then you’re a hypocrite!” He yelled, “your carelessness and recklessness has knocked down the trees, flooded the town, destroyed the very same environment you claim to protect!”

“I can heal you,” she offered, yet he refused. She was so terrified by his anger that she flew away and found a hiding spot, deep in a cave.

Humans cannot see the fragility of a fairy’s heart, nor the fragility of the planet they reside on. We see the power of nature and her resiliant strength — but that does not mean she is bulletproof. We cannot see her pain, her insecurity, her cries for help.

Ivy wanted to live in that cave forever, hiding away from the rest of the world. She could befriend the rocks and never have to deal with another human ever again.

Yet giving up was not an option — because the plant kingdom needed her help. The garden she lived in, and all the other gardens she frequently visited, would perish. And so she cautiously made her way out of the cave and back into the greenery.

Flying back to her garden, she paused to look at her reflection in a pond. All she could see were her flaws — inside and out. And all the frustration came back and she just wanted to flee back into the cave. But instead, she took a deep breath, and pushed herself to keep going.

Immediately upon the return to her garden, she sought out the wise grandmother tree. She fell to her knees and pressed her hands against the tree, praying for wisdom.


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