A decade of JBros

It was summer 2009 when I bought the new Jonas Brothers album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times. I was too young to drive so I had to ask my mom for a ride to Target, and I still remember that excitement holding the physical copy in my hand. It was their fourth album, and after first listening to it, it instantly became my favorite album of theirs. If I were to hear it now for the first time, I’m sure it would not have the same nostalgic affect. This album is near and dear to my heart because it comes with so many precious feelings and memories.

An entire decade later, after going through a split, they finally released their next album, Happiness Begins. I’m really excited because I thought they might not ever make music again. This is music I have been waiting for since I was in high school. Naturally, their sound has matured and evolved. But it also feels like they were able to successfully pick up where they left off and move forward from there. There is a great part of them that has not changed at all and that’s perfect. I would say it was worth the wait.


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