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Minimalism (Entry #1)

Minimalism is more than a trend; it’s a lifestyle, a belief system, an alternative way of thinking. It challenges you on a daily basis, yet bares countless rewards. Physically, you save money and space. Mentally, your mind is also letting go of unnecessary clutter to bring more peace into your life.

The greatest challenge of minimalism is transforming your perception from scarcity mode into a place of gratefulness and abundance. Living in a consumer-based society, we are conditioned to believe that we never have enough: we must buy more, spend more, consume more… more, more, more! Through this perspective, we accumulate large amounts of unnecessary garbage with short expiration dates that we create stubborn, emotional bonds with. The key is focusing on what you already have and feeling like it is more than enough.

I have been drawn to minimalism since I first learned of it, and lately I have been itching to seriously put it into practice. I have loads of stuff that I never use because there is so much of it that I simply shove it all away until it’s completely forgotten about and goes to waste. I find myself clinging to objects that are no longer useful, solely because they are attached to precious memories. I even find myself holding onto things that I actively dislike, just for the sake of holding on. It feels unnatural to let go… at first.

My first project is clothing. I decided to forgo my dresser — it’s broken, it takes up so much space, and it distracts me from utilizing my walk-in closet. I was able to get rid of three garbage-bags (the tall, kitchen kind) worth of clothes. Yay!

I will continue updating my journey to minimalism. I think it’s important to consciously track my steps to avoid falling back into a hoarder’s mindset.


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