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The rave crew takes on Electric Zoo!

Last weekend, I was in New York for Electric Zoo festival. I went with my friends and it was all of our first times at E-Zoo. It was similar to the time we all went to Electric Daisy Carnival NY in 2015, but even better! It’s a three-day event that takes place on Randalls Island, which we took a ferry to get to.

Day 1

Friday was the most exciting day because it had just begun! I was nervous not knowing exactly what to expect. For my outfit, I dressed as Harley Quinn — Suicide Squad era. I loved all the random statues and artwork, and of course I had to get pictures with them. I also have pictures of Laura Sofia and a random girl doing a kandi bracelet trade. Kandi bracelet trade is a special music festival ritual — you do a peace-love-unity handshake and then trade handmade beaded bracelets that are colorful and sometimes have messages spelt out. My favorite sets were Kaskade, Oliver Heldens, Getter, and 4B.

Day 2

There were WAY more people on Saturday! It really gave me anxiety, how many people were there. We had to wait 45 minutes for water (as apposed to less than two minutes Friday and Sunday). All the lines were long, everywhere. Still, it was a lot of fun and the DJs were killer! So upsetting that we missed Benny Benassi… how dare they schedule him at 3:00 PM? (We got there around 5ish.) Above & Beyond, Zedd, and Flux Pavilion were my favorites! At the very end of the night, some girl came up to me for a kandi bracelet trade!

Day 3:

Sunday was awesome! We had rose slushies with strawberries on top… so delicious! I also had a very tasty (yet ridiculously expensive) pizza. I had yet another kandi bracelet trade! We still went hard that day, but were definitely feeling a little worn. Favorites: Alison Wonderland, Armin Van Buuren, Dog Blood, Boombox Cartel, Cash Cash, and GTA. Sunday had the BEST setlist! So many good ones, too bad we were unable to see them all!

It was an unforgettable experience but now I am incredibly tired…


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