Strength through failure

I don’t always take my own advice. Sometimes I feel like I am being tested by the universe itself. And it’s so exhausting that I end up letting my guard down. In the end, I feel untrue to myself.

I remind myself that there is no such thing as a straightforward path. Even when you’re traveling upwards, there will be a few slopes. But the slopes are not important, what matters is the general direction.

I believe that as soon as you proclaim something to the universe, you will be set up with traps, to test you. They are not meant to drive you insane, but to strengthen your vision. Getting through these traps, you realize how easy it actually is to follow your heart!

Yet one moment of tiredness or lack of defense, and I fail my tests. I’m left with frustration and discouragement. Now I have become a liar of my own word — to myself, to anyone else, to the universe.

So there is my opportunity to just give up. And it’s so tempting. But this is yet another test. I am not over until I say I am over. I need this pain of failure — to keep my eyes open, to stay conscious, and never let my guard down even for a second.


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