Tuesday’s Tea ~ gratitude

As an alternative to “try-it Tuesday,” I also came up with “Tuesday’s Tea.” This will be casual ramblings, whatever is on my mind, sometimes philosophical and sometimes just rants.

Today’s tea is Rasberry Royale: black tea with a fruity pizzazz. The rasberry stands out and makes a perfect companion with the humble classic black tea. They do well together. It really wakes me up, in a steady and soothing way.

Be grateful.

Gratitude is the medicine for stress. By feeling thankful, you shift the wavelengths of your brain and train yourself to see things more positively.

Do not just count your blessings. Do not reserve your gratitude for what you consider to be “good” or “worthy.” If you are making a judgement before you offer thanks, then you are not practicing true gratitude.

Say “thank you” to everyone and everything. When someone acts kindly towards you, say “thank you.” When someone throws dirt at you, say “thank you.

To practice gratitude means to accept all, to live in the moment, and to feel at one with the universe. Be thankful for the “good,” the “bad,” the “neutral,” and everything in between.

Look back and remember all of the things that eventually brought you blessings. Remember how a few negative things had to happen in order for something very positive to happen. Remember how much you grew and learned from your mistakes.

And most importantly, remember that your belief system of what you think deserves praise verses what does not, is completely flawed. Your whole life you were trained and conditioned to thank people when they help you, to hold your tongue if they don’t, and to speak up and defend yourself if they displease you. The problem with this type of thinking is that we are trained to see “gratitude” as a form of manipulation into getting what we want.

Thank your friends and family. Thank the store clerks. Thank the birds who fly by. Thank the cars driving on the road. Thank the squirrels who cross your path. Thank your worst enemy. Thank your teachers and bosses. Thank your neighbors. Thank the earth. Thank your food before you eat. Thank perfection. Thank mistakes. Thank your feelings. Thank minor inconveniences. Thank the rooms you walk into, the doors you open, and the floor you walk on. Thank someone for thanking you. Thank yourself. Feel thankful.

And peace will reply back with, “you’re welcome!”