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I tried… plucking my eyebrows for the FIRST TIME!!!

Hi, I’m a 25-year old lady who up until this point could say that I have never plucked/tweazed my eyebrows, waxed them, threaded them, even cut or shaved them… I’ve never had anyone else do anything to my eyebrows, never gone to the salon to get my eyebrows done… NOTHING… EVER! Literally the only grooming I’ve done to them is using an eyebrow pencil (rarely.)

Why? Because it’s always FREAKED ME OUT!!! I cannot fully explain this fear, but the best explanation is that eyebrows are so prominent and noticable, you can’t cover them up — so you can’t mess them up! Better to let them be. Although I wish I had thicker and longer-growing hair, the benefits to my fair hair genes is that I never felt the need to trim my brows. Of course I knew my brows were not perfect, but for natural brows, they came as close as I could hope for! Plus, thick brows were super trendy by the time I reached high school! Lucky me.

Recently though, I’ve been thinking differently. I felt like it was something I needed to try before I die. I needed to push past my fears. I’ve always wondered what it was like, and honestly been kind of jealous of girls who do their brows fearlessly. I started focusing on the benefits it could bring: some say plucking is extremely therapeutic, a form of meditation even — the pain makes you feel present and in control. It’s always rewarding to try something new.

The experience:

So, just today, I faced my fears and I plucked! The experience was oddly overwhelming and emotional for me. With each plucked hair, I felt like I was releasing my past. For some reason I thought it would be terribly painful, but it’s nothing more than a pinch. Some areas are more sensitive than others, but it really doesn’t even hurt — I can’t believe all these years I expected so much worse! However, it did take a lot more time than expected. I know I’ll get faster with practice.

The results:



This is just the start! I want to do more plucking, I might try pencil thin brows. But I am also being really cautious and slow with this. I know I probably sound so silly but you don’t understand that this is a really big deal for me! 😜


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