Nine Types of Bloggers

When it comes to blogging, there are so many different ways to do it! We all have distinct themes and goals when it comes to our blogs. I would call myself a lifestyle blogger, but there are a few other categories that I also fit into…

The following is a list of nine types of bloggers.

Lifestyle blogger

The lifestyle blogger posts about a broad series of topics, anything that relates personally to the blogger. Their general goal is to simply show others what they are up to or what they are passionate about. Lifestyle blogger shares personal things, but in a relatable way. Usually there is something unique about the way they live, yet not always. They are open about their lives but also have healthy boundaries and great control over what they choose to hide or share.

Wellness blogger

The wellness blogger is focused on health, both mental and physical. Their main goal is to inspire and promote a healthy lifestyle. They may show parts of their personal life that contributes to wellness such as daily habits, meals, and exercise routines. But they like to keep things positive and avoid discussing personal dramas.

Fashion / beauty bloggers

Fashion bloggers post pictures of themselves in their favorite outfits and/or makeup. They typically have a signature style, for example: vintage, gothic, kawaii, business, casual, sporty, sophisticated,  etc. Alternatively, they may specifically focus on what other people are wearing and critique them.

Artistic blogger

Artistic bloggers use their platform to showcase their creative talent. This may include photography, drawing or painting, graphic design, videography, music, fiction, poetry, etc. They may be trying to sell their art, to receive constructive feedback, or simply to express themselves.

Personal blogger

The personal blogger is rare these days and used to be more common when social media was still brand new. Personal bloggers are honest and raw about their lives and do not hold back. Their goal is not to sell themselves, but to have a therapeutic outlet. They like to network with other bloggers and make new online friends. Most remain anonymous but some are open about their personal details and share lots of pictures of themselves.

Quickie blogger

The quickie blogger keeps things sweet and short. In this busy age of social media overload, quickie bloggers are most popular and practical, as most readers lack the time and patience to consume lengthy posts. Most of them you will find on Twitter, but you can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform. Their posts are light, straight-forward, and often humorous or witty. They either offer little tidbits about their personal life, state opinions about trending topics, or re-share other people’s posts.

Travel blogger

The travel blogger obviously writes about their travels. Travel bloggers are very common these days. With traveling becoming cheaper and more accessible, even broke millennials are out there documenting their journeys. They are ideal for people who are looking for practical tips as well as those who like to dream about exploring the world in the comfort of their own homes.

Mommy blogger

The mommy blogger posts about the joys and trials of motherhood. She may offer “parenting hacks,” recipes, DIYs, cleaning tips, etc. Most of all, she wants to document her kids’s childhood before they grow up. She offers moral support to other parents while also entertaining/informing child-free readers as well. Daddy blogger exist too! They are less common, but still greatly appreciated!

Fanclub blogger

The fan club blogger has a specific hobby, interest, or celebrity that they like to post about, avoiding any other topic, including personal life. This can include music, sports, crafting, environment, food, etc. Their goal is to inform and teach others about their area of passion and/or expertise.

Which type of blogger are you?