How to Transcend Judgement… (one simple phrase!)


Judgment is something that all of us struggle with. It’s one of our greatest fears — yet it’s something that is totally in your head!

To judge something is to classify it in your head as good, bad, or anywhere in between. We judge things to make sense of it, to add information that fills the missing pieces. We do it out of fear, in order to gain control.

The opposite — to NOT judge something — is to experience something fully and completely while simultaneously accepting the missing pieces as they are.

Judgment is not necessarily “bad” — that would be a judgment of judgment (makes sense?) You can judge something in a positive way — labeling it with positive associations.

However, judgment involves trying to control or change a person, place, or situation just because you lack understanding. And so, you miss out on the present moment: which is all there is.

The reason why judgement tends to be negative is because it comes from a place of fear, it shows you have lost trust in the universe. To judge is to disconnect yourself from the universe, to shield yourself from the present and instead throw yourself in the illusitory world of the past/future, which does not exist.

The present moment is all there is. It is a judgment-free place. There is no comparison, no labels, no pressure, no expectations, no critiques, no right or wrong. It’s free.

Make the choice to transcend judgement if you want to find true bliss and experience deep connection both internally and externally.

But how…?

There is a powerful phrase that will instantly raise your vibes…

Detaching you from the false world of order & control…

It goes like this:

“I don’t need your judgement.”

And just like that, you are set free!

Say it in your head. And say it to their face if you really have to.

When we wrap ourselves in phrases such as “stop judging me!” Or “please dont judge,” etc, you put yourself in a place of weakness.

The truth is that you do not need anyone’s permission to transcend judgement. This is a process you must do entirely on your own.

The words “stop” and “please” highlight a need for someone else’s approval in order for you to be okay.

The phrase “I don’t need” highlights overabundance, which implies power.

And it’s true: so many people — without even realizing it — beg to be judged. Even when it hurts. People are desperate for validation, even if that means validating their false beliefs. People are so terrified of the unknown, or losing control, that they will gladly give up their personal power just to feel scrutinized.

The phrase also implies that you are rejecting someone’s judgment with gratitude. It’s like, “thanks, but no thanks!” You understand that their intentions are good, but no thanks.

Through this phrase, you are not pushing or forcing judgment to go away. Instead, you are peacefully letting go of judgment with trust and faith.

Next time you feel judged, tell yourself, “I don’t need their judgment.”

Next time you catch yourself judging yourself, say, “I don’t need this judgment.”

Set yourself free.

You don’t need judgment. It’s weighing you down. Send it right back where it came from. Reconnect with the universe.

The universe wants you right here, right now, in the present moment, where you rightfully belong. No judgment necessary.


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