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Caturday ~ the PURRFECT cat bed!

It’s incredibly frustrating to go out to the pet store and spend a ton of money on a fancy cat bed — and then your cat refuses to use it!

Cats are super picky animals: when it comes to food, people, other cats, their toys, and ah yes… their bed. They are total perfectionists…

A cat with a perfect bed is a happy, well-rested cat…

How do you meet their ridiculous expectations and unconventional ideas of “comfort”?

You can’t just go to the pet store, bring home a new cat bed, throw it anywhere, and expect your cat to be satisfied. You have to put some thought into it.

Here are some unique tips to give your cat “the perfect cat bed…”

Add your scent…

Cats are highly scent-based creatures. The way we use our eyes is the same way they use their noses. If they can smell you, it will make them feel safe, comforted, and less anxious.

Add your scent by recycling an old, overused blanket, pillow, or piece of clothing. Instead of throwing it away, place it on top of your cat bed as a sheet.

If you are recycling a piece of clothing that you haven’t worn a while — perhaps a sweatshirt from a couple years ago — wear it for a week or so before up-cycling.

Add texture…

Cats are strange how they like to lay down on bumpy objects such as shoes or bags. I can’t exactly explain why — possibly because it feels more natural.

Unique textures include:

  • Extra padding (add more blankets/cloth)
  • Hardwood surface
  • Bumpy surface
  • Asymmetrical shape
  • Crunchy materials
  • Holes
  • etc.

Location, location, location…

It’s not just WHAT your cat bed is, but WHERE is goes! Location is an overlooked factor to consider.

Cats feel most comfortable in places where they can see everything, and where nothing can sneak up behind them. The best place is typically in a corner or against a wall, where your cat has view of the entire room — including the door/entrance.


The best cat bed is a homemade one. This assures the novelty and quirkiness cats desire in cat beds that pet stores do not have to offer. Animals simply require practicality and something that makes them feel comforted by their owners.

So many things can be made into a cat bed. If you’re a craftsman, then you can really get crazy with it! Or you can do something as easy as blankets stuffed in a cardboard box!

My cat bed for Venus

I took my dresser apart because the drawers were broken, they weren’t fitting correctly anymore (thanks Ikea!)

Instead of trashing all the drawers, I decided to keep one and turn it into a new cat bed for Venus. All I simply had to do was put two blankets in and fit a nice spot for it against the wall where she has a clear view of the bedroom door.

She loves it!!! She uses it more than her bed from the pet store!