Flow Friday ~ look on the bright side

Everything doesn’t always have to be so dark.

It’s not always a tragedy.

You don’t have to feel bad for feeling happy.

Dark clouds can distort your perspective. And make everything look gloomy.

You can place so much heaviness on something without realizing it.

But you have the power to lift the weight. You are the only one who can do it for yourself.

You just have to be aware of how light or heavy you are feeling.

If you are worrying, then you are not believing. And if you are believing, then you are not worrying.

Right when you are on the verge of breaking through is when you are going to feel like giving up the most.

It’s because you’ve worked so hard to stay positive. To battle against everything else. And it’s tiring, because it’s something that must be done completely on your own.

So you can rest.

But then you keep on going!

And make a choice to look on the bright side… ❤


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