30-day writing rainbow challenge

30-day challenge consists of 30 questions/writing prompts for each day! I made up “30-day writing rainbow challenge” that goes through all the colors of the rainbow — each color being the theme of all the topics it represents.


  1. List all the things you love.
  2. List all the things you hate.
  3. How do you express yourself?
  4. What are you angry about?
  5. What makes your heart race?


  1. What makes you different/unique?
  2. Draw a doodle & upload it.
  3. How do get creative juices following?
  4. What makes you uncomfortable?
  5. Your strangest quirks.


  1. Your favorite summertime activities.
  2. What makes you genuinely smile?
  3. What inspires you?
  4. How do you stay positive?
  5. Share a happy quote.


  1. How do you care for the environment?
  2. What is your perception about money?
  3. List your personal healthy habits.
  4. Your favorite plants/flowers.
  5. Your thoughts on nature.


  1. Describe your perfect cozy/rainy day.
  2. What gives you the blues?
  3. How do you deal with sadness?
  4. List things that make you feel calm.
  5. What does “peace” mean to you?


  1. What are your gifts/talents?
  2. Predictions for your future.
  3. What makes you feel powerful?
  4. Any strange or recurring dreams?
  5. How to stay connected to your intuition and higher self?

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