Nothing but desire

We all have certain needs — physically, for example, we need a certain amount of sleep every night, food and water every day, etc.

If our needs are not met: at best, we feel poopy. At worst, we die.

And so, needs should be taken seriously.

Internal needs are just as important — and this includes our own desires.

We all have things we desire: what we crave, wish for, and chase after — or hope it finds us somehow.

They say that “desire” is a bad thing.

Religious institutions tell you to push your desires away. Buddhism, for example, claims desire is the root of all suffering.

This is difficult for me to believe — I see the denial and suppression of desire as the true cause of suffering, not the desire itself.

Educational institutions condition us to fear our desires, because they come from a place of irrationality that we cannot understand. Rather, it tells us to focus on logic — a place that has no room for desire.

And the whole of society also agrees that desire is “bad.” If somebody goes after what they want, they must be a bad person, apparently.

“Desire” is what separates the individual from the whole.

When everyone has the same exact mindset, they are easily controlled. But when a group of people are in touch with their own distinct desires, they are free and less able to be manipulated as a whole.

To deny your own desires is to deny your existence as a human being, to deny your DNA, to deny everything about you that makes you different from the rest!

We all have unique things that we are drawn to without explanation: a person, place, or thing you feel gravitated to. It’s not something you choose because it goes beyond conscious thought. And it’s completely different for everyone.

When you explore your desires, you connect yourself to everything your soul was meant to go through. The path is desire is NOT easy… but it is full of blessings.

Our desires are the blueprints of our souls. They must be acknowledged and pursued, in order for you to find out who you truly are, and to grow and evolve into something so much more.

What happens when you are brave enough to go for what you want? Your perception shifts. You heal old wounds. You unpeel layers of conditioning. Your ego dissolves. Your spirit shines.

Your desires are waiting to be discovered. They have so much to tell you. There are things you need to know.

It won’t be easy, but it also doesn’t have to be as hard as you make it to be. You have to go far beyond your comfort zone.

All the magic of life goes beyond your comfort zone.

People may not understand your path, what you are drawn to, all of your choices. They may even judge you or shame you. But all of that just comes from a place of fear.

You can inspire and encourage others to at the very least pay some attention to their desires, especially things that seem different, out of the norm, not mainstream.

We’re not here to just do what everyone else is doing.

Don’t expect people to understand you. Most of us do not even understand ourselves.

Open up to what is meant for you.

Let it in.

STOP saying “no thanks” to wonderful blessings that get sent your way.

STOP living in your head.

START opening your eyes and looking around.

WELCOME your desires with OPEN ARMS.


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