LOVE ~ a short story

When him & I got together, there were many reactions… People were angry. People were judgmental. And people gossiped.

I knew that deep down, it was either because they were envious or could not understand.

Envious, that two people could have so much passion for each other. Envious of all we had to risk in order to get here. Envious of the chances we took.

Not able to understand how two people could fight so hard for each other, no matter what got in the way. Not able to understand how we let love conquer all. Not able to understand how blessed we were to find each other.

Most people search for convenience. They pick a partner they can feel comfortable with. And then the world slows down, and they sink into their comfort.

Don’t you know how dangerous a comfort zone is? If you’re not being challenged, you’re not growing. And if you’re not growing, you’re not alive.

Nobody wants to face the harsh truth: the way our world is designed, goes against love. Love has nothing to do with pleasing everyone. It has everything to do with fighting against the ego.

People are scared of love. They don’t know what it is. They don’t welcome it.

People claim to support love. They cheer, “love wins!” But there is no winning or losing in love. That’s how the ego sees it. People enjoy the thought of love, or how they imagine it to be: all rainbows and butterflies.

Most people who say they are “looking for love” are not actually looking for love. They’re looking for comfort and safety. They’re looking for validation from the world. They’re looking for an illusion to convince everyone that their life is perfect.

Truth is: When we see two people who are genuinely in love, it makes us uncomfortable. Like there must be something wrong with it. We shame it.

The world is designed to pit everyone against each other, to compete with one another, to try to be the best. The world is built for the ego, not the soul.

That’s when you know it’s real… when you put love before your fears, before what people would think or say, before everything the ego struggles with.

I didn’t care if people were trying to start drama. Or judging. Or gossiping. None of that amounts to the way I feel when he holds me in his arms.

Our love is blessed by the heavens because we make people angry and uncomfortable. We make people question reality. We make people come to terms with the unfortunate fact that the world is not built for love.

And hopefully, we encourage others to shed their ego. We encourage others to see past a person’s surface. We encourage others to see SOULS.

For all the people who tried to stir up drama. For all the people who got in the way. For all the people who told us we don’t belong. For all the people who told us it’s not real love… I wish them well.

I cannot leave this world without knowing I made it a slightly better place. They’re mad right now. But when they see us grow stronger every day and last forever, they will be forced to change their perception.

If we ever want to see real change in this world, we must change our perception. We must recreate a world that welcomes love, instead of shaming it. We must transcend fear, jealousy, judgment, ignorance, and ego.

Love is not a soft pillow waiting for you to lay down on, but a wrecking ball crashing into your world with no control. It will break down your walls and shatter you.

Ego death is scary — at first. I believe someday we will all see how broken the world used to be, how impossible it seemed to find true love. And finally, our souls will be free. We will all connect to our twin flames, unstoppably.


6 thoughts on “LOVE ~ a short story

  1. Beautiful piece. 🙂 This phrase – “Don’t you know how dangerous a comfort zone is? If you’re not being challenged, you’re not growing. ” – I personally resonate with. “Dangerous” is how I would describe it too.

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