Wish Wednesday ~ your special gifts

As a child, you were welcomed into a crazy world.

You met so many different people. You explored so many different places. And through these experiences, you learned that it’s all the same.

Everyone is unique, but everyone is human. Just like you, they all have their struggles, and they all try their best.

And wherever you go, there you are. There are many different environments but we all live on planet Earth. What truly shapes your surroundings is your internal mindset.

For the first part of your life, you put yourself first. And as a child, others always put you first too — family, guardians, caregivers, teachers, all of the adults.

Everyone was watching you and listening to you. People were excited about what type of uniqueness you would be sharing with the world as you grew. They couldn’t wait to see you blossom, to learn from you, to have their perspective shifted by you.

It was your “ME” phase. It was all about you. As it should be, because you had so much to learn about yourself.

You explored your natural gifts and talents. You discovered your weaknesses. And you learned how to share the best of yourself to the world.

You put on shows, you were an entertainer. Or maybe you spread joy through other ways. Maybe you were a speaker. Or a dancer on a stage. Or an actor/ actress. Or a photographer or director of short films. Or musician. Or singer. Or an animal caretaker. Or you wrote stories. Or you collected frogs, or bugs, and showed them to your friends and family. Or you impressed others with your knack for high-tech gadgets. Or you designed tools. Or you made intricate buildings and neighborhoods out of legos. Or you were an athlete who played many sports. Or you were a detective who solved mysteries.

You spread art or you spread science. Whatever it was, you showed off. You brought something to the table, something new. And you relished in the attention. And those who watched you were amazed.

You were a learner with many teachers. You developed your skills. Every day, a new lesson.

And then you grew into adulthood. Time for you to take those skills and put them to use. Cultivate them in order to make money and pay bills, but also to keep yourself inspired, and to inspire others. Most of all — to pass on your gifts to the next generation of children.

You had to become your own teacher. You still learn new things, you still may have teachers, but ultimately you are now responsible for digesting that information and applying it into the real world. You used to be a student — now you teach others and you also teach yourself.

You’re more guarded with your talents as an adult because you’re much more powerful now. Not everyone deserves or even appreciates your gifts that you spent your whole life mastering.

You share a bit of yourself, but it comes with a price. You know your worthiness. When you put something out there, you have intentions on recieving — through money, perhaps power or social status, or best of all through a feeling that makes you happy to be alive.

The most important person you share your gifts with will be your partner!

Your partner is the only one worth sharing your deepest talents with. It’s reserved for them. You are meant to share some of yourself with the world, but not like you did as a child. Now that you have fully grown into your power, your gifts are too precious. Your body and brain has developed into something so valuable. When you share, your partner should be front row. And they should get the VIP backstage private access.

Your partner gets to see your private show. They are the only one who can fully return the energy back.

And so, as a child you explored your gifts and shared them with anyone who was willing to watch. Through the development of learning, gaining strength, and seeing your body transform from a little kid into a full grown magnificent piece of art, with dazzling curves or much more distinct and pronounced features, you now conserve your energy only for those who are worthy.

When you find a worthy partner, you get to see them like no one ever has before! Just like they get to see you like no one ever has before!


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