What I learned from my professional numerology report

Are you curious about professional astrology / numerology reports?

Do you wonder what you can learn from them, and if it’s worth spending the money?

Here is my personal experience…

For my birthday, I treated myself to a professional numerology report. It was costly ($90) but I’m generally satisfied with what I received: ten pages detailing my personality and my future.

The reason I chose numerology over astrology, is because I’ve already assessed my birth chart before, and already know a lot about natal chart interpretation. So I figured numerology, which also uses astrology, would teach me more. (Although I’m still interested in a professional astrology report at some point.)

A summary of my personal report:

The basics:

  • Born under vibration of 5, I’m highly adaptable, accustomed to change and taking risks, constantly reinventing myself.
  • I am suggested to follow my own intuition and ignore people’s advice.
  • I can easily see through people and their motives.
  • I am very direct and never sugarcoat myself, I can be too blunt for some people and scare them away.
  • My life path number is 3, giving me people skills and charisma.
  • I attract many people who take advantage of me, I need to work on my boundaries and learn how to say “no” to people.
  • I am energetic and want to try many new things, but should find something I can fully commit to.

Karma & reincarnation:

  • My karmic influence number is 30. This means that in previous lifetimes I was very spiritual, unimpressed with material things, and this has continued throughout my incarnations. I enjoy being alone and having solitude. Others tend to find me standoffish and scary when they first meet me but with time, as I relax and become more comfortable with a person, they see me as very fun.
  • My current reincarnation is influenced by number 12. This is a warning about being taken advantage by others and I really need to keep my guard up against those who are trying to compete. I struggle to expose hypocrisy of someone who uses flattery to win me over and vulnerable to fraud.

Life periods:

  • My first life period, from birth to age 33, is the number 7. This has to do with studying spiritual pursuits, as well as introspection and examining my past behaviors. This vibration is very serious and heavy, and requires me to spend a lot of time alone. Marriage for me requires not just an emotional and sexual connection, but also intellectual and spiritual. Marrying or dating a colleague or business partner is common under this number.
  • My next life period, from age 33 to 42, is number 1. This is a very positive and sunny time full of brand new beginnings. It is highly suggested I embrace the new during this time in my life — whether it be family, children, or business/work.
  • My next life period, from age 42 to 51, is number 8. This brings seriousness and material abundance. There may be significant progress within my career, or more children, or some type of expansion within my family/relatives, and/or an accumulation of assets. Money will be good.
  • My final life period, after age 51, goes back to number 7. This is a time of professionalism and perfection within my business and/or spiritual pursuits. There will be deep insights and revelations.

My name:

  • The vibration of my full name makes me very stable, respected, and serious.
  • My first name makes me professional and constructive
  • Middle name makes me communicative and socially attractive
  • Last name gives me love, a fiery spark, and decisiveness.
  • My full name is lucky, brings about effortless miracles, compliments my birthdate, and makes me an appealing partner.


  • I am a child of Mercury, connecting easily with others and having good communication.
  • I am good at choosing colors but should avoid dark colors, as they close my energy channels. During leap years I should wear silver.
  • I can listen to any kind of music.
  • My metals and minerals are silver, aquamarine, and platinum.
  • Being a water sign makes me extra vulnerable. I am prone to rare diseases or health issues regarding feet, colds, lungs, or stomach. I have great recovery potential which is heavily based on believing in myself and having a positive attitude.
  • My beneficial herb is thyme.

My future:

  • 2021 will be a good year for me, full of growth and spirituality. I should work on no more than three projects in order to avoid being too scattered. Months of February and November will be important.
  • 2028 is the most ideal year for me to get married, as it brings a positive new beginning for me with the number 1.
  • I am suggested to avoid marriage or children during the years 2022, 2024, and 2026. Or else there will be negative karma.
  • 2022 may bring health issues and is an important year for me to get rest and take it easy.
  • 2024 brings important lessons within love/romance and I should be extra careful.
  • 2026 brings major change within family but I should not sacrifice my interests for other family members, I am advised to not act as a savior.
  • 2020 for me has been a year of partnership and submission.

Conclusion & advice:

  • I am an investigator at heart, and I am gifted at successfully guiding the lives of others and pointing out their mistakes. However this gift is not always appreciated and I need to learn how to hold my tongue, especially in love matters. Sometimes I need to allow others to learn for themselves.
  • I am extremely objective, ruthless, and honest. I think very little of artificial praise and try to avoid ego trips. I am highly observant of the external world, but should focus more on emotional and spiritual matters of myself and others. This is more beneficial to me in social aspects. Strengthening bonds with friends and family brings deep fulfillment. I am very ambitious but need to learn compromise and balance, should avoid obsession especially in regards to my weight and my health.
  • I was born with a male chart — very dynamic and ambitious. I know how to set and accomplish goals. I make my decisions independently, taking a long time to think before taking action. I am willing to suffer for the sake of others.
  • Up to age 20, I had an important and memorable childhood, with my family on display which could have caused problems. Ages 20 to 40 is good to marry and can happen with ease. Regarding marriage I should follow my intuition and pick someone who is well-liked in society. Building a family will bring me joy but I should also exercise healthy limits.

My thoughts:

I was very pleased with my numerology report. I felt it was very detailed, although some of it was fairly generalized. I already knew my birth number and life path number, but the rest of the numbers were new to me. I was especially intrigued by the karmic numbers and life period numbers.

Regarding the vibration of 5, I do feel like a very changeable person, I often bounce from one extreme to the other and very curious about trying new things or learning something new. One thing I slightly disagree with, is that I was told I love traveling. I don’t like the stress of traveling, I don’t like making the travel plans, and it can bring me a lot of anxiety. However I do love exploring, I do love seeing new things.

Something I extremely agree with is how blunt I can be. As a friend once said, “Laura, you say what everyone else in the room is thinking.” Often I don’t realize how direct I am with my communication and this can really turn people off. I genuinely appreciate it when someone tells me I’m being too honest, although it may confuse me at first, I hate to hurt feelings without realizing it. I just have no filter with my words. And I forget how uncomfortable that makes people.

Regarding life path number 3, I really do resonate with the creative, imaginative, childlike vibration of this number. I also strongly agree that I can be too scattered, and that I am vulnerable to being taken advantage of. I’m not so sure about my charisma. I think I can be charming at times but also socially awkward at others times.

Regarding karma & reincarnation, I completely relate to being much more spiritual than materialistic. Of course I can’t prove the past life part, but at least in this life I really feel it. PLEASE note I do NOT mean to sound holier-than-thou right now. But honestly I am very unfazed by the material world. I’m the last person to notice when someone has gained or lost weight — including myself! On my first date, I almost got into the wrong car because I didn’t fully pay attention to what kind of car he had. Stuff like that. And hey, maybe that just means I’m ditzy, but when I meet someone who shows me spirituality it seriously blows me away and that’s the type of thing I’m paying attention to.

Again with being easily taken advantage of, I completely relate to that. I feel like a lot of people come to me and drain me, I end up being the listener, I end up feeling depleted and they end up feeling rejuvenated. I am definitely prone to scams, much more when I was younger. I do find it contradictory that it says I struggle to see hypocrisy, when the beginning part said I am able to easily see through people’s true intentions.

The life period part was very exciting, seeing my future. If I am lucky enough to live through all these life periods, I will surely take note of these themes and see if it resonates or not. Very curious to see what happens when I turn 33. I definitely agree with being in “7” my whole life so far; I’ve always needed alone time and I generally use it for studying/learning, especially spiritual-type topics.

The “name” part was fairly generalized but seems accurate enough. Glad to know “Laura” is business-y, as my business name is “Lotus Laura.”

For correspondences, that part was very interesting. Going to try incorporating more of these into my life and see what happens. Glad I’m advised to listen to any type of music, because I really do love (almost) all types of music. Being a child of Mercury makes me gifted at communication which I’m not so sure about, something to ponder on… being a writer I’d say makes me good at communication… definitely NOT a public speaker though! Health — never had foot problems (so far) but did break my leg in childhood and got tendonitis in my ankle as a teen; for lungs, I do suffer from panic attacks which can stop my breathing; and stomach issues, yes I’ve had my whole life and will definitely have the rest of my life.

Excited about the future part! 2021 sounds good! But the whole thing about negative karma if I marry or have kids in the years ’22, ’24, ’26?! That’s scary! I think marriage/children is something you can’t fully plan out, so if it feels right during those years then I’m still going to go for it… but I guess I’ll see what happens! Gahhh!

2020 was about partnership and submission… well, I completed my breakup… I did not recieve the partnership I was hoping for… but I suppose I did learn a lot about partnership and submission. Hopefully something can happen for me in 2021.

And finally, 100% agree with being an investigator at heart. Cool to know I’m gifted at pointing out people’s mistakes but can also see how this can be a negative thing. So basically, come to me for advice and insight, but only if you can handle the truth. 100% agree with being ambitious and setting goals. Interesting to see I have a male chart? I wish I could’ve received more information on what exactly that means. Sounds like I am someone who sacrifices a lot, maybe even too much, and I really need to work on drawing boundaries and sticking up for myself. Unsure about what the “family on display” during childhood meant. And it also seems that listening to my intuition is vital.

Final take:

I’m glad I did this. Most of it I strongly resonated with, some of it I would’ve liked more detail about, and some of it I will have to wait and see about. There was not a single part of my report where I thought, “no, this is definitely not me.” I either reacted with, “yes, this is definitely me,” or “hmm… I need to ponder this.” I think we all have parts of ourselves we know well, and parts of ourselves we can’t clearly see.

As much as I am into this esoteric stuff, I have actually never paid for a personal report before. I’ve only done free reports, or I’ve paid for books that taught me how to do my own report. I am extremely, extremely weary about going straight to psychics. I do believe that many of them, especially the mainstream ones, use psychological tactics and overcharge you. I mean this was definitely pricey for something basic, but this feels authentic and worth it to me.

I did see a psychic to have my palm read in person when I was 18. The only other time I paid money for a reading was on Etsy for a “goddess reading,” I specifically requested goddess Isis. I forget how much it cost, but it was a small reading so it wasn’t too much. The psychic sent me a report, something about me having a cup of water and pouring it into everyone else’s cups until my cup was completely empty. I felt very touched by this. Again with a psychic telling me that I give all my power away, that I let people drain me and take advantage of me.

Anyway, as I said I am very weary of psychics and prefer to do my own readings but hearing from an outsider gives you validation of things you have always known. I chose my reading through astrolada.com because I have watched her Youtube videos for years and have deeply resonated with them so I felt I could trust this source. The reading I chose is called “Basic Numerology Report.” The only info I had to give beforehand was my full name and birthdate. She also asked about any specific questions, I told her I wanted to know about marriage and children, and when this would happen for me.

Note: this post is NOT sponsored or promotional, this is simply my experience that I wanted to share for those who are curious about astrology/numerology readings. If you are going to pay for a report, don’t just randomly google it, find someone who you can trust, someone who offers free content that you personally resonate with. Thanks for reading and good luck! Hope you learned something about how these reports work and what type of insight they can give you!


3 thoughts on “What I learned from my professional numerology report

  1. Fascinating! I’ve often wondered what a full, professional numerology report would look like. It seems like it covers a lot of different nuances! With astrology reports, I often find the choice of what specialty to aim for intimidating, so I’ve never ordered any.

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