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On affirmations & the process of manifestation

Getting what you want is difficult… it’s even more difficult knowing that you are the one getting in your own way… it’s not the world that’s against you, but your own mind.

Affirmations are phrases you can repeat in your head, say out loud, write over and over, etc. to cut through subconscious blockages and reprogram your mind.

Self-sabotage: when we block our blessings

Much of our self-sabotaging has to do with deep thought-patterns we are consciously unaware of that have been ingrained in us, as far back as childhood or birth, or even encoded in your DNA and passed down from your ancestors — through negative influences and experiences. Advertising and pop-media is skilled at brainwashing you into self-limiting beliefs so that they can take your money. And through emotionally painful experiences, we fall into a cycle of negative karma.

When you go through a hurtful experience, you naturally…

  1. Put up a wall to block out the pain — which also blocks out the blessings, by numbing yourself.
  2. Develop the belief that you deserved this pain, therefore programming your subconscious thoughts to attract more pain, because you do not believe you are worthy of blessings.
  3. Resist forgiveness, instead become spiteful by sending out negative energy into the world, which in turn bounces back and sends you even more negative energy, and so on.

Forgiveness & faith

Affirmations are useless, unless you first put yourself in a state of forgiveness. Forgive yourself and forgive those you feel have wronged you. This doesn’t mean believing that what was done is positive, but instead accepting circumstances beyond your control and having faith that pain can be transformed into joy through the infinite & sacred powers of the mind.

Another thing about affirmations is that you have to use your imagination. You have to pretend that you’re already where you want to be, or else you’ll never get there. So if you keep on saying “I want happiness” then you are going to continue to be in a state of desiring happiness — meaning you’ll never be happy! Only when you start saying “I am happy” will you eventually reach a state of true happiness. But you can’t just simply say it either — you have to genuinely believe it. You have to feel happiness in your body, clearly see yourself in a state of happiness, as you declare that you are happy.

So affirmations require both forgiveness & faith to actually work. Much easier said than done! Both “forgiveness” and “faith” are two qualities that are possibly the hardest to achieve in this world.

Manifesting the superficial

I’m telling you that anyone can be a millionaire, anyone can be famous, anyone can be beautiful, and anyone can marry the most richest, famous, beautiful person in the world if that’s what they truly desire — but nobody ACTUALLY desires any of these superficial things… they have been TAUGHT to desire these things, and that’s how they got it. For example, being born into a rich family and becoming richer has nothing to do with “physical money” because naturally the money is divided among siblings — being born into a rich family has everything to do with the “mindset” they have been taught since before birth that money should be valued over anything else in life (a toxic belief system.)

Some people use affirmations and other subconscious reprogramming and manifestation techniques to manifest superficial things such as money, fame, beauty, possessions, products, social status, and so on — and it works. Others will do this over and over and wonder why it’s not working for them. These are actually the people with the strongest minds. These are those who are unaffected by brainwashing of the media and society that convinces you that materialism brings fulfillment. I will tell you that you can literally manifest anything in this world that you want. But I’ll also say that if you are a strong-minded person, then don’t even bother with the superfluous stuff. Go for the gold (you know, the “metaphorical gold.”)

Taking action

So it all begins in the mind with forgiveness (peace and acceptance) + faith (imagination and pretending) ==> moving beyond the mind is action. Action must always be taken. The reason you can’t skip straight ahead to the “action” part is that your mind won’t know which specific actions to take, without sabotaging yourself, unless you have trained it to be in the correct mindset (forgiveness & faith.)

When you have obtained the right mindset, you will effortlessly know what to do (or what not to do.) It happens in both obvious and subtle ways. For example, a thought will “randomly” pop up in your head telling you to do something — to go to a certain place at a certain time, or to say something to somebody, or to keep your mouth shut, or to take an opportunity, or to deny an opportunity, or to follow an impulse, or to wait a little longer, or to wear a certain outfit or accessory or color… it could be anything… and you won’t be able to figure out “why”, but you’ll know for sure that this is coming from a place of intuition.

These intuitive thoughts are your “stepping stones” to the destination of your desire.

Intuition vs. outsiders

How do I know if this thought is coming from my intuition?

We have so many thoughts that we cannot trust because they are coming from outside influences or they are coming from a place of inner fear. Now this is not a proven fact, but it is said that at least 90% (possibly even 99%) of the thoughts we have in our daily lives are not our own. Isn’t that kinda scary? But it makes sense. You’re picking up on the energy of people around you — the dominant, overpowering, greedy energy. Rarely will you pick up on the thoughts/energy of those who come from a place of intuition, unless your own mind is in a place of unshakable faith.

You know that crazy person who claims “the TV is controlling your thoughts?” Well think about it… in order to watch and comprehend a show, you have to hear what the people on TV are saying, and how do you hear people? In your mind. So it actually goes beyond your television. Every person you speak to — their words are in your head. The words people speak are your thoughts. On your conscious mind you know the difference between someone else’s words verses your internal thoughts, it’s very obvious. But your subconscious mind sees no difference.

You’re being brainwashed

So unfortunately it’s not just the TV that’s brainwashing you, it’s every single person you speak to. Of course it’s not done on purpose, of course your conscious mind knows the difference between words and thoughts, but I’m saying that your mind and your belief system is far more vulnerable than you realize. So when you surround yourself with self-limiting people and self-limiting media, you yourself become self-limiting, and therefore self-sabatoging. (Hey, when your mama told you “I don’t want you hanging around those negative influences” as a child, she had a point!)

But before I keep moving forward let me clear something up. Just because everyone you know is basically brainwashing you (no big deal right?!) that’s no reason to isolate yourself in fear. First of all, most people do not realize the power of their words and thoughts, so I’m NOT implying purposeful evilness, if that’s what you’re thinking. Of course it helps to surround yourself with positive influences, but that’s not always possible. In truth, you can be in a room full of negative thoughts and words, and be nearly unaffected by any of it as long as your mind is strong enough. And a strong mind is built on, once again, forgiveness & faith.

So the point I’m trying to make here is how you can’t fully trust your thoughts, because they are so easily shaped by people around you, for the worst. This is why you can’t be a slave to your thoughts, why you can’t trust everything you think, why you can’t follow through on every action your mind tells you to. Most of the time this comes from a place of fear, pain, and… self-sabotage! Your mind will tell you all kinds of things like “just another glass of wine,” or “I have to lie about this,” or “I can eat this whole cake” or “I should avoid all my responsibilities today” or “I’m disgusting” and so on! And you should never listen!

Observance & awareness

You can filter your thoughts through observance & awareness — the two key factors for a mind that is strong enough to be operating from a level of forgiveness & faith. The pitfall we fall into is, we use “negativity” to block out “negativity”, thus creating even more “negativity.” Like fighting fire with fire. If someone acts hurtful towards you, and you act hurtful back, the energy is going to keep bouncing back and forth, gaining strength and momentum with each bounce.

Observance: You observe your thoughts from an outsider’s perspective. You detach yourself from your mind with a non-biased perspective.

Awareness: You are aware of the power of thoughts & words. You are aware of the influence others have on your own mind and belief system.

Through observance & awareness, you know which thoughts to listen to and which thoughts to dismiss.

Putting it all together: The Equation

Forgiveness + faith = intuitive thoughts / observance + awareness = correct action steps to take + taking action = manifestation.

When you shape your mindset to come from a place of forgiveness (instead of feeling spiteful, you feel acceptance) and a place of faith (you use your imagination to pretend you have already achieved what you desire), you open your mind to intuitive thoughts. When you use observance and awareness to filter out intuitive thoughts verses influential thoughts, you determine which thoughts are giving you the correct information upon what action steps to take in order to achieve your desires. Finally, when you go ahead and take those action steps, you physically manifest what first began as a thought (seed) in your head.

The equation is only missing one thing: SURRENDER!

Surrender” is the greatest reason why manifestation fails. This indicates two factors:

  1. First, the aspect of “faith” that lets go of the manifestation process. Instead of overthinking when or where or how something will happen, you need to simply let it happen. You don’t search for intuitive thoughts to pop up and give you direction, you sit back and trust that they will pop up at the right time. Faith knows that divine timing is at work, and forcing manifestation too hard leads to… self-sabotage!
  2. Second and even more importantly, I think it’s important to state that manifestation, whether conscious or subconscious, can go against what I call “God’s plan” or “the universal order.” When you operate from a place of fear — whether that means living on autopilot through the influence of others, or using these conscious techniques to manifest superficial things that are based on the material world rather than the spiritual world — you are going against the order. Operating from a place of love and trust is a balance between — conscious enough to breakaway from autopilot mode, yet subconscious enough to put your ego aside and let the universe take control.
    1. Some argue that manifesting material things, or superficial things, can ultimately lead to spiritual fulfillment. Example: “if I manifest more money into my life, I’ll be able to work less and then have more time to pray, or I’ll be able to buy more things that help me with my spiritual progression. Or if I manifest fame, I can spread my spiritual knowledge.” Etc. I see your point but ultimately I think this is a slippery slope and you are better off focusing on solely the spiritual.

And now to tie it all up, where do “affirmations” come into the equation?

Affirmations are the bridge between conscious thought & taking action.

That’s all.

Wrapping it up, wow. So I originally intended on writing a post titled “Ten affirmations to help manifest what you want.” Then I started writing my introduction. Then my introduction turned into… this. So I’m stopping here. I will save that post title for another Wednesday. I wish I could keep going on because there’s sooo much to say about this topic. I suppose that’s what my Wednesdays are for! Happy Wednesday, and don’t stop wishing!!!


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