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Introducing “Crystal Aura” Astrology / Tarot!

Announcing “Crystal Aura (by Laura)“, a new blog/business for astrology, tarot, numerology, & all things esoteric!

Crystal Aura is dedicated to aligning you on your highest vibrational path by examining your future and working with your cosmological blueprint!

Every week, I post a generalized forecast for the collective whole, focusing on moon phases, retrogrades, and zodiac seasons.

Every month, I post personalized tarot readings for each zodiac sign on my Youtube channel.

I also offer personal tarot readings for sale on my Etsy shop – detailed written reports! Price ranges from $1.99 – $29.99. There are currently five options: quickie (3-paragraph), basic (1-page), basic/love (3-pages), advanced (5-pages), and advanced/love (10-pages.)

Please check it out, if that type of thing interests you!

Also expect to see much more coming soon — personal written horoscopes for each zodiac sign, written numerology reports, written tarot reports, more tarot videos, and more services offered on Etsy!

I have been interested in astrology since childhood, I began to study tarot in 2015, started practicing every day in 2017, and in these past few years I have read many books and learned so much about all of it. I continue to teach myself and progress forward. I started Crystal Aura a little while ago and I’m now ready to make it official! So excited to be sharing this with you!!!

“Lotus Laura” will continue as usual! If astrology is not your thing, then no worries! I am still putting just as much work and effort into this current blog.



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