Getting my palm read by the famous Madam Marie

Many years ago, when I was 18-years old, I had my palm read by the famous Madam Marie. Well, technically her grand-daughter, who had also taken on the same name.

Marie Castello was a psychic reader in who worked in Asbury Park, NY from 1932 until she passed in 2008. Her tiny boardwalk booth is nicknamed “The Temple of Knowledge.” Marie also told fortunes for many celebrities, including Bruce Springsteen, who gave her a shoutout in his 1973 song “4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)”. Other famous clients of hers include Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Diane Keaton, Woody Allen, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, and many more. (source)

She shut down her boardwalk stand in 1997 following the business decline and rising crime rates in Asbury Park, but returned in 2004 just as the town managed to successfully rebuild itself. Following her passing at the age of 93, her granddaughter took over, taking on the family name “Madam Marie.”

Unfortunately I never met the original Madam Marie, but I did get to meet her legacy. I came for a reading (with my father) where she read our palms and told us what she saw. My dad went first, she said he would live a long life, that he was married to his soulmate, and had three kids — one he was particularly worried about, but would end up just fine. I can’t remember too much else.

As for me, I remember her telling me a long list of things that I immediately saved in my phone right afterwards. But after reviving my old phone from the dead, I couldn’t find anything about it!

Luckily I have a fairly good memory and I can still picture myself sitting in front of her and listening. Her voice was very calm and straightforward, I don’t want to say “emotionless” but it was more “detached” in the best way possible, like she wasn’t playing up on my emotions but simply telling me everything as it was without any fluff or embellishment.

What I remember for sure was her mentioning “nine” being my lucky number, and saying that my name would be well-known and that I was going to help people. I think she said something about my career being a public thing and how I would be of great assistance to others through this pursuit.

I’m pretty sure she said I would get married and that I would have four children. I feel like she said it would happen in my later twenties, but I’m not positive. I also think she might’ve said something about me living near the beach or some place warm.

And then I also think she said a lot about my character and personality, I feel like she mentioned my ambition and determinism and how I would accomplish a lot.

The whole thing was no longer than a few minutes, and it cost $20 each. It would have been nicer to have it written down (or if I could find all I wrote about it!) It was certainly not life-changing, but it was fun and worth trying.

Coming soon: I consulted three astrologists about my future” — so I’m in the process of hearing back from three different astrologers about my future, specifically when I’ll have children. It’s going to take about one or two weeks to hear back from all three, but I’m excited to share what they all have to say, and to examine any similarities or differences between them. I’ve already posted about how my numerology reading went. I think these reports are accurate but also difficult to pinpoint such specific questions and life events. For example, my numerology report was able to answer that age 33 would bring a significant new beginning yet couldn’t say if it was specifically regarding children, marriage, career, or anything else. So I think by consulting multiple psychics, looking for some kind of pattern, I may be able to find my answer. I do believe in destiny, I also believe that some things are better left as surprise, but surely receiving some type of ballpark estimate couldn’t hurt…


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