12 Mind-Expanding Blog Sites that first inspired me to create my own

Before I created this blog site, I was inspired by a handful of popular websites that first gave me the inspiration. I found many of these through friends and through Facebook (which I no longer use), before I knew anything about WordPress blogs. I loved the mind-expanding content these sites provided, as opposed to your typical boring news outlet full of fear, tragedies, and trivial celebrity gossip. This is where I used to get my news, and sometimes still do, before I joined WordPress community. And these are examples of the articles I wanted to write myself. Now, I like to read original content from personal bloggers who have their own unique perspectives. But here and there it helps to look at more worldwide-based content to keep up with the times, without going too mainstream.

1. Mind-Body-Green

During college days, I used to wake up and immediately check on Mind Body Green for a new article. These health-based articles incorporate not only your body, but your mind, your spirit, as well as the environment. It focuses on nutrition, exercise, relationships with others, philosophy and psychology, home-keeping, parenting, mindfulness, the planet, and more. It also contains a bit of astrology. Most of their content has to do with personal self-improvement, but incorporates current trends and activist movements as well. It’s very realistic and down-to-earth.

2. High Existence

If you’re prepared to have your mind blown, High Existence is totally the place for you! It’s all about choosing “the red pill” over “the blue pill.” Each piece of content is sure to stretch your perception. They talk about things you’ll never hear about in the mainstream media, from philosophy and wisdom to meditation and plant medicine. Not only articles, they also offer podcasts, community forums, and an entire course dedicated to transcending your consciousness.

3. Collective Evolution

Collective-Evolution goes far beyond the mainstream. If you’re interested in keeping up with the news, but from an open-minded and skeptical perspective, this is a great website for you. Collective Evolution reexamines everything the popular news outlets tell you and digs much deeper. Some of it may seem far-fetched and out there, but the important aspect is that they ask questions instead of simply passing on information without a second thought. The site also includes explanations of current astrological happenings and planetary shifts.

4. Wakeup World

Wakeup World is very similar to Collective Evolution, posting current events while also asking you to rethink everything you have been told, and to think for yourself. Similarly, Wakeup World encourages their readers to raise their consciousness and live life outside of their bubble, propelling a internal revolution that inevitably leads to a worldwide revolution. Wakeup World also offers new info on science and tech, relationships and parenting, trauma and healing, history, spirituality, environmental issues, and health. There is a special section labelled “The Good News” specifically intended to inform you about everything good happening with the world.

5. Psychedelic Adventure

Psychedelic Adventure rarely posts, but when they do, it’s worth the wait. This website is super far-out, covering all brain-bending topics including aliens, “starseeds,” conspiracies, yoga, Shamanism, consciousness, and healing. Here is where you’ll find even more mind-expanding media such as occult documentaries and trippy TV shows. Much of their focus is based on ancient Shamanistic principles harnessing the healing power of plant medicine and meditative techniques.

6. Ancient Origins

I was never such a fan of history until I discovered Ancient Origins, teaching you the things you never learned about in school. They examine everything from newly discovered artifacts to unexplained mysteries. History is seen from a brand new, higher perspective. With their newsletter subscription, they also offer new book recommendations that will completely change the way you think of time and human legacy.

7. Living Traditionally

Living Traditionally posts here and there about health hacks you won’t find in mainstream media. The philosophy is based on ancient, natural health practices as opposed to modern manmade medicine, toxins, and chemicals. Lots of cool tips and techniques to keep you feeling good.

8. Wait But Why

Wait But Why is a very interesting website, with “new posts every sometimes.” It discusses current issues and common knowledge from a different perspective with the tilt of your head. It’s logical and humorous at the same time.

9. Humans Are Free

Humans Are Free is very, very out there, and I really don’t agree with everything they post, but they do make some important points here and there. It truly dives deep into conspiracy theories. But what I like about it is how they emphasize human rights and how we should never let our freedom be taken away from us. Proceed with caution!

10. Off the Grid News

I know I’m technically ON the grid right now, but you can still learn so much practical info from this website. Their articles cover some current news, but a lot of their content is “how-to’s” — crafts and recipes from scratch, healthy foods and supplements, gardening, and more. It’s a great way to promote a healthier, more sustainable, environmentally-conscious life for yourself.

11. Vice

Vice keeps you up to date with everything going on from the world, but again, through an open-minded perspective that you won’t find in mainstream media outlets. Vice is very popular and most people have heard of this one. They’re famous for their investigative mini-docs and experiments. They’re never afraid of asking questions and digging deeper than what we’re told.

12. Buzzfeed

This one is kind of a stretch, but I have to include Buzzfeed! Through my college years, Buzzfeed has always been an addiction, and still kind of is to this day. In some ways it’s mainly geared towards teens, but also offers many pieces intended for young adults, mature adults, and even the elderly. Although they do post a lot of trivial and mindless content, as well as biased news reports, some of their stuff (I like the “opinion pieces”) go completely against the mainstream and seriously make you see things from another perspective. The wide-ranging topics include cooking/baking, books, parenting, nostalgia, media, fashion, beauty, home, LGBTQ+ community, and so much more… and of course, endless QUIZZES!

Let me know what you think of these websites, if you’ve heard of them before, or any additional sites you’d like to add!


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