Spirit animal: Spider

Spirit animals serve as spiritual guides, here to assist you, teach you lessons, and lead you towards your highest calling. We all have multiple spirit animals that stick with us for life, resembling ingrained personality traits and sometimes also physical appearance. Alongside, other spirit animals will come to you in certain phases of your life, or make their presence more known to you during a specific time, in order to bring you an important message.

I used to be deathly afraid of spiders — they gave me horrible anxiety and made me cry. But more recently, I actually appreciate them, oddly enough. If you can go beyond your fears, you can respect the wisdom of the spider as a spirit guide.


If you despise bugs, then you should be fond of spiders — they’re killing and eating all the other bugs around! Spiders protect you from other pesty insects. Seeing a spider is a sign that you are being protected, on both the material and spiritual planes.


Spiders are extremely grateful. They move carefully, thinking thoroughly before following an impulse. Instead of going after their pray, they sit back and weave their web, waiting for their prey to come to them. Spiders serve as a metaphor for patience and trust.


Spiders never give up. There’s true meaning behind that children’s fable — the itsy bitsy spider who traveled up the water spout, got washed out by the rain, and then tried again once the sun came up. You can destroy their webs over and over, but they keep on weaving. Spiders represent resilience.


It’s funny how people are so terrified of a tiny little creature, most of them completely harmless. They say that the spider is more scared of you, than you are of the spider. Spiders represent fighting your fears and realizing that you are more powerful and intimidating than meets the eye.

Feminine power

When spiders come to mind, we often think of the black widow — a posisonus female who kills without remorse. She represents the independent woman who doesn’t need a man to depend on, she uses him and then bites his head off. For women who feel weak, the black widow is a reminder of how powerful the feminine energy can be.


Spiders travel alone. They prove that you can live your life without relying on others. They serve as an icon for breaking away from the crowd and thinking for yourself.


A spider’s web is intricate, beautiful, and created seemingly effortlessly at full speed. Their designs are purposeful. This makes them represent artistic ability.

Signs the spider is your current sprit animal:

  • You resonate with any of the similar traits: protection, grace, persistence, intimidation, feminine power (you don’t have to be female), independence, and/or creativity.
  • You recently came across a spider unexpectedly.
  • You’ve been seeing more spiders lately.
  • You had a dream involving spiders.
  • You’re feeling drawn to spiders in pop culture, such as the Spiderman movies or comics.
  • You’re seeing spiders in artwork, or you have it in your home (painting, sculpture, Halloween decorations.)
  • You’re drawn to sacred geometry.
  • You randomly have spiders on your mind for no apparent reason.
  • You feel a very strong emotional reaction from spiders — even if it’s fear or disgust.
  • Someone mentions to you something about spiders.
  • You walk into a web, or you see webs.

Due to the fact that spiders are such discreet animals, the signs will come to you in extremely subtle ways. Less likely you’ll encounter them in person or media like other spirit animals, more often it will come to you directly through your intuition. Spiders are feminine spirits, so they are more likely to approach you on the spiritual realm rather than the physical. So even if you haven’t been seeing them, you’ll feel when they are calling to you — if you are in touch with your inner world. However if your intuition is severely blocked, they may have no choice but to surprise you in person. And trust me, you don’t want it to come to that… So open your mind to the fact that they may need your attention.

What is the spider trying to tell me, as a spirit guide?

When you are being personally called to the spider, there are important messages and words of advice you must hear.

  • You are safe. You are most likely going through a scary time, or debating taking a chance. The spider says you are safe to take that risk.
  • You are being watched by your angels. You can’t see them, but they are there, rooting you on.
  • You are more beautiful than you know. Your beauty may be unconventional, but your graceful aura is very attractive and captivating.
  • Have patience. You will reap the rewards by having faith and holding back. Take risks, but calculated risks. Build your safety net before going in for the kill.
  • Move slowly, but do not stop. Think things through, but don’t be so stuck in your head that you’re not taking action.
  • Don’t give up. You have a lot of pitfalls ahead of you, but they will make you braver.
  • You are more intimidating than you realize. The people you fear, actually fear you even more. Your energy is so strong that it scares them. So be extra kind.
  • Harness your feminine power. Male or female, you must strengthen your intuition. Also be more receptive. Less action, more receiving. You still must work for what you want, but let your desires come to you instead of chasing them away.
  • Be true to yourself; don’t follow the crowd. This is not the time to follow the advice of others. Do things differently and live by your own rules. Take some time away from people.
  • You are strong enough to stand on your own. You may be in a toxic or codependent relationship you need to break free from. The spider wants you to have enough confidence to lean on yourself instead of anyone else.
  • Express your creative talents. You are very artistic. Sharpen your creativity and express it to the world.
  • Face your fears. Your fears are holding you back. By transcending them, your life will turn around.
  • A brand new beginning is coming. The start of a new cycle.

The spider has 8 legs, so the number 8 carries significance. This number represents change and rebirth, domination and control, material gain, justice, and balance. You are being urged to let go of something — most likely your fears or a codependent relationship — and make a fresh start so that you’re the boss. You could be called to a leadership position or a path that requires you to go solo. Stay centered and go for what you want while also letting what you want come towards you. Justice will prevail!

Human spider

The spider came to me a little over a year ago, a time in my life when I needed to become more independent, trust my intuition, let go of fear and insecurity, and focus on my creativity. Spiders used to haunt me — they seemed to follow me everywhere! As a child, I had so many nightmares about them. I was always finding them in bathrooms and other public spaces, more than anyone else. And they scared the death out of me.

But then I started thinking differently. “What can these horrendous creatures teach me?” I finally thought. So I researched spiders as spirit animals and the wisdom they bring. And everything made sense. All of their important messages were things I really needed to hear, especially during that specific time in my life. It was when I experienced a confidence boost and feminine burst that I absolutely needed in order to move forward in life. I realized how much my fears were holding me back, and how much insecurity had taken over.

Since accepting the spider as a spirit guide, something phenomenal happened. I stopped seeing them everywhere! It’s like they had suddenly vanished! In a strange way, I’m almost disappointed that I haven’t been seeing them, knowing how beautiful they actually are. Spiders are very tricky spirit animals to deal with, considering all the creepiness they embody. So understand that if spiders are haunting your life, they have come to you to explain how brave you are. Listen to their guidance and you shall find abundance.


16 thoughts on “Spirit animal: Spider

  1. This is such a wonderful profile of the spider! I also used to be terrified of spiders, and then at some point I found my fear had faded. I only really realized it when a spider fell down from her web and hung by a thread in front of me. Instead of flinching, I put my finger on the spider’s back and gently helped her back to her web.

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    1. That is so beautiful! Spiders are just like other animals, as they feel pain and can benefit from our help. Let alone the spiritual messages they bring too. I wish I understood this as a child, it would’ve saved me many screaming fits and tantrums, hahaha!!! “DAD HELP THERE’S A SPIDER IM GONNA DIE!!!” LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

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