Weekly reading list: Unicorns & Egyptian Energy Healing

This past week, I have read some powerfully inspiring books! “The Wonder of Unicorns” by Diana Cooper explains the spiritual significance of unicorns, and how they can practically assist you in your daily life. The book describes the majestic purity, magic, and healing powers of unicorns. It is filled with exercises and meditations to harnessContinue reading “Weekly reading list: Unicorns & Egyptian Energy Healing”

Album review: “Awake” by Alison Wonderland (2018)

One of my favorite albums is “Awake” by Alison Wonderland. This album was released in April 2018. It’s her second record, following 2015’s “Run.” Her third upcoming album is expected to be released this year, sometime in 2021. Alison Wonderland is a DJ and producer from Australia who also does vocals on her songs, asContinue reading “Album review: “Awake” by Alison Wonderland (2018)”

Theory ~ Is time speeding up faster?

There is a theory that time is moving faster and progressively gaining speed. It is common knowledge that subjectively, time moves faster as you age — one year for a five-year old feels significantly longer than one year for a fifty-year old. But that’s not what I am referring to. I am talking about timeContinue reading “Theory ~ Is time speeding up faster?”

Openness to connection

I have really been going through a lot of darkness in recent times, which you can probably see by some previous posts. But as I always say, how it’s darkest before dawn, that letting your pain come to the surface is the first step of true healing β€” it means that the healing process hasContinue reading “Openness to connection”

A brief retelling of “Aida”

“Aida” (pronounced like eye-YEE-duh) originally began as an Italian opera from 1871. It was later adapted as a movie in 1953, starring Sophia Loren, in which the actors lip-synced opera recordings. Later, in 1998, the plot line was used as a musical in NYC, with music written by Elton John and Tim Rice. Setting &Continue reading “A brief retelling of “Aida””

An open letter to a love that never happened

I am left with a million questions in my head. And with each question, I remind myself that there is no answer. Yet I still cannot help but ask, and wonder… I know that it was not the greatest start. It was a world full of darkness and lies. But within that void of confusion,Continue reading “An open letter to a love that never happened”

Health update #3 ~ pushing forward

Yet another health update, which I will be most likely doing a lot more of. I would like to title these updates something like “RA journey” or “autoimmune update” or something along those lines… which I hesitate to do at this point. Although, I am still very sure that I am dealing with RA. AsContinue reading “Health update #3 ~ pushing forward”

The Art of Confrontation (is it worth it?)

Confrontation is that moment when you approach someone boldly and let them know how they have been making you feel. Most of the time, confrontation comes with anger. To confront, or not to confront…? I blame TV and movies for creating the false premise that confrontations will solve all your problems. If someone is treatingContinue reading “The Art of Confrontation (is it worth it?)”