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Health update #3 ~ pushing forward

Yet another health update, which I will be most likely doing a lot more of. I would like to title these updates something like “RA journey” or “autoimmune update” or something along those lines… which I hesitate to do at this point. Although, I am still very sure that I am dealing with RA.

As devastating as it is to have your doctor tell you that you have rheumatoid arthritis, there is also somewhat relief — which is what I was feeling when I was first told this in August. I was looking forward to getting answers and receiving the proper care. And then my relief was shattered by my negative blood test results. However, I know that RA still exists in people without that specific rheumatoid factor detected in their blood.

I reached out to discuss this more with my new primary (conveniently online), and I was much more communicative about the symptoms I was experiencing. It was the urgent care doctor who first pointed out RA, and that was because I had gone into far more detail about what I have been going through this past year and a half. However, with my new primary doctor, I wasn’t very vocal about it because I merely assumed the blood test results would speak for themselves.

However, after making it known to her that I wanted to pursue this further, she completely agreed and offered further blood testing. Now I am weary of blood tests after this prior experience, but I am more than willing to do as many tests as it takes right now.

Even better, is that I was able to make an appointment with a rheumatologist. Although the soonest availability is November. But I have a secure appointment, along with a follow-up for December too. I explained my symptoms, I explained the negative test results, while setting up appointment over the phone, and she seemed to agree that it was still completely worth looking into. She said that negative results do happen for those with RA.

So, it is certainly a long road ahead, but I hope I am getting somewhere towards help at least. I would like to figure out exactly how damaged my joints may be at this point, I’d like to slow down this condition as much as possible before it’s too late.


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