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I had an astrology consultation with Mack and the Zodiac

I had an astrology consultation with “Mack and the Zodiac” a few days ago. It was a “solar return reading” that I purchased for my birthday. The solar return looks at all of the trends that are coming for me in the next year. We had a zoom meeting where she explained everything to me, showed me my solar return chart, created her own unique chart for me, and also gave me plenty of room to speak, explain myself, and help her put it all together.

I met Mackenzie about two years ago, when I was visiting my sister in Astoria, NY, and we went to a “full moon workshop.” The class was lead by Mackenzie and another girl (I am forgetting her name now…) where we did breath work and learned more about astrology. From there, I followed “Mack and the Zodiac” on instagram and kept in touch with all her posts and updates. So, it was really cool to meet her personally over the webcam and have a face to face discussion.

The session was recorded, plus I got to keep a copy of my solar return chart and the graph she made up for me, so throughout the year I can always check back and make more sense of it. I wanted to share the highlights of what I learned from my solar return session.

Solar returns take place the moment your sun falls into the exact position as when you are born. Surprisingly, it may take place a day before or after your actual birthday. Although I was born Nov 14 at 8:30 AM, my solar return was marked on Nov 13, 9:45 PM. I was born a Sagittarius rising and Aries moon, but for my solar return, I have Leo rising and Pisces moon.

The Leo rising in my 9th house signifies entering the year with a strong desire to step out of my comfort zone. It is expansive energy that challenges old belief systems.

She said that my birth chart really fascinated her and she’s never seen anything like it! She said I was really meant for the occult and astrology. Having a Leo rising energy this year will really help me put myself out there and desire to share all of the deep knowledge.

The age of 27, for anyone, is ruled by the fourth house — which relates to family, home, living situation, and your roots and subconscious. It’s a very powerful age in which a lot of buried feelings come back to the surface. This year will not be so much about external achievements, but about assuring that I have a firm foundation in order to move forward. It’s very important for me right now to focus on family, home, and my roots.

Venus in my sixth house shows more pleasure and happiness in my daily routines and work life. And then seventh and eighth houses reveal how my relationships will be in the next year, which she found very fascinating, for my personal solar return chart.

My moon and Neptune in the 8th house shows a very deep craving for nurturing and intimacy. She thinks that I will be very eager to find intimacy, which I will likely find, but that I really need to stay guarded against being taken advantage of. My compassion is going to be extra high, which means I really need to enforce my boundaries. Also, this combination is fantastic for studying the occult and listening to my intuition.

Jupiter in my seventh house will bring great opportunities for a new relationship. She sees a partnership as highly likely. But with Saturn also in my seventh house, this will require homework and a need to work hard for my dreams and desires, also providing a wakeup call.

Lastly, she laid out a chart of all the months of the next year, themes that will persist. She explained the positive stuff, the negative stuff, and the overall vibes. What stood out most: positive romance in Jan, very challenging time in March, August, and Dec, a change or expansion of family in May, and a massive career shift in October.

This was a very delightful experience and it makes me excited to see how it will all specifically play out. Astrology can predict the blueprint, but no one can say for sure what exactly is going to happen! Energies can manifest in so many different ways!

It was cool because the zoom meeting was not just her explaining everything, a lot of it was also her asking me questions, or me explaining myself. I was very open about all the things I am currently going through right now — with my family, in romance, my career path, my living situation, etc. She was so easy to open up to, understanding and non-judgmental of all my current struggles.

I have signed up for a virtual palmistry course with Mackenzie which begins in February. I’m really looking forward to it! I really love all of the occult and mystical subjects and certainly plan to pursue more of this in the coming year!


6 thoughts on “I had an astrology consultation with Mack and the Zodiac

  1. Enjoyed your post. See I told you in your last post that you need to focus on yourself now. I’ve been studying my own natal chart I just got off But I go to multiple sites for information. My “go to” sight for learning astrology is Dark Pixie Astrology, which has heaps of informtion. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š yes I really do!!! Cafe astrology is really great, I have been using that site way back since my teen years!!! Dark pixie is a really good one too! I also recently added the co-star app which is another goodie!

      P.s. is your blog active right now? When I try to click on the link it says nothing found. Thanks for keeping up with me and would love to return the favor ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘


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