Personal updates

Journal Journey: Ages 22 to 23

This cover is one of my favorite designs and favorite quote!

I just moved out of my parents’ home and back to my college town, a small apartment with my boyfriend at the time. I feel like I kind of dragged him into living with me because he was not financially ready. I was not even really financially ready, I was still job-searching! It was a risk, indeed!

About two months later and I did begin my new job. Over four years later and I am still working here. Crazy.

She was in a different department and ended up quitting about a month later… she was so great! 😢

At this point I am seeing a lot of karma sort itself out. My friend from college, who used to always ditch me for her other friend — they haven’t spoken to each other for two years now. And the college friends who I am still connected to, we are opening up so much deeper to one another. Now that I have detached myself more, and let things happen more naturally, I am having better emotional fulfillment with my friends. It’s great. Also, now that I am so busy with work, I do not have any time to obsess over people from my past!

When I first started working, I used to come home every day and learn about tarot and practice using the cards for hours. Take a break to eat dinner. Then go back to do tarot.

I spent much of college (mainly the first half) fearing graduating, losing all of my free time to work 40+ hours a week. I was so scared of losing all my free time. But I quickly found that being on a steady schedule, a steady paycheck… is priceless… no pun intended. I actually became much more productive and goal-oriented with any downtime I had.

I bought this “Moonology” book which is an astrology book that focuses on the moon, so I was paying a lot more attention to the moon cycle and how everyone acted during the full moon vs new moon.

I am a couple months into my job at this point. It’s a transition. There’s a lot going on. I’m happy that I’m making more room for my passions and hobbies now.


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