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Journal Journey: Age 23

At this point, I’m saying “this is one of my favorite covers” about almost every journal… but this one IS REALLY COOL! It has this elegant and magnificent astronomy design.

I am not super proud of how I acted this year. As Blink 182 would say, “nobody likes you when you’re twenty-three.”

Stuff got messy. Ultimately I blame it all on my own fears.

I tried my best to let the hardships make me stronger. That only worked for a very short amount of time.

There was a lot of drama I was dealing with both at home and at my job… but ultimately after working there for several months I found that I really, really enjoyed work. Obviously work is work, and sometimes it really sucks, but it did become like a second home to me.

This whole journal really just revolves around one specific situation. I can’t say too many details. I can just say that it was very heartbreaking.

Some of the things I’ve written really make me laugh.

There’s me again going on about how I love my job.

What can I say that I learned from this journal? That I was living in denial. I was so far removed from reality, so far removed from my true feelings.

At this point I am slowly getting into writing/blogging more, I wish I would focus more on that, instead of all the drama I was dealing with. I am also not prioritizing spirituality the way I was once beginning to. I was really picking apart people’s words and actions when I should have been focusing more on my own.


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