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22 goals for 2022!

1. Dig into my roots/heritage — focus on old traditions, folklore, recipes, and also magic!

2. Finish my herbalism class by spring (self-paced/online.)

3. Complete palmistry class — goes from February to March.

4. Fully decorate my apartment — incorporating themes into each room.

5. Complete Duolango Latin course.

6. Learn more mythology — read and write about it — Greco-Roman, Norse, Hindu, Egyptian, and anything else.

7. Partake in “no spend weeks” once a month. (In which I only spend money on essentials and also cut back on food expenses.)

8. Complete at least half of my second novel (bonus points if I finish/publish — but not trying to push myself too hard! Good things take time.)

9. Incorporate daily workouts (even if it’s just 60 seconds!); dance at least once a week; learn 5-10 new hula hoop moves.

10. Make and sell an herbal balm (and other skincare products).

11. Try making new herbal concoctions (for pure enjoyment, not for profit) — including herbal syrup, herbal oil, and hot cider.

12. Take a WordPress class.

13. Maintain an indoor garden (aka, keep my plants alive.) Keep plants around the house (fake ones too) and grow herbs, veggies, and flowers in my new hydro garden.

14. Pray every day.

15. Strengthen my imagination muscle — in other words, work on visualization. Let myself daydream more.

16. Set monthly book-reading goals and keep track. Shoot for at least four books a month (including re-reads, or old ones I never finished.)

17. Explore 5-10 new parks / hiking trails nearby. Go on a walk once a week (perhaps not during winter months.) Take my cats for a walk at least once this year — whether by stroller, backpack, or leash (preferably more often than just once, but trying to be realistic!)

18. Once a month (ideally when I begin my period), have a “retreat day” in which I completely devote myself to rest (and try my best to “unplug.”)

19. Finish my tarot notebook/scrapbook (that I started a really long time ago and then forgot about.)

20. Collect rocks and other treasures from nature (where it’s allowed of course!) and learn to press flowers and herbs.

21. Cook something new from scratch (maybe bread.)

22. Go to a museum by myself.

P.S. — the “22 for 2022” was inspired by my sister Julie! 😉


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