How to make your daily life a little more witchy

I am not referring to the aesthetic, but the actual mindset and practice — of making your daily life a little more witchy. What this means is, making a habit out of purpose and intent.

The act of witchcraft is not as otherworldly or supernatural as we make it out to be — it’s actually very simple and even underwhelming. All it is, is amplifying our greatest desires — which are (hopefully) to bring more peace, happiness, protection, joy, and fulfillment into your life. Of course, there are people who’s desires revolve around greed and violence — which is why witchcraft can be dangerous — but for the purpose of this post, we will only focus on the good stuff!

When it comes to witchcraft, there are tools such as herbs, crystals, charms, etc. that come with “magical properties.” But if we use these tools without a magical mindset, then the magic is nonexistent. It’s all about mindset. Similarly, you can take tools that are not considered to be magical, like appliances or furniture, and turn it into magic — simply with the use of your mind.

Magic and witchcraft is something that all of us do on a daily basis without even realizing it — everything from making a wish at 11:11, to putting together ingredients in order to create a meal (AKA, cooking!), or thinking to yourself “I hope I have a good day today.” Anytime you take a desire and put it into action — whether through thoughts or physical movement — you are doing some form of witchcraft or magic. For example, the act of cleaning your home is pure magic. We call these things “mundane” because we take it for granted and tend to do it on autopilot.

The true magic of witchcraft is transforming your mind from “autopilot” into “consciousness.” It is the same concept as mindfulness, gratitude, and intention. We are all magical beings doing magical things on a daily basis — but by making your daily life a little more witchy, you amplify that magical ability, you take energy that already exists and multiply it, you form a better grip on the steering wheel of life.

It’s not just about gaining control and feeling more powerful, it’s about opening your eyes to the awareness of how powerful you have been your entire life — alongside, how powerful everyone and everything around you is too! The more you consciously incorporate witchy habits into your life, the more alive you feel, the more vibrant and colorful the world becomes!

Here are just a few practical tips…

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Adding spices and herbs to your meals

Spices and herbs all contain known magical properties. Get to know your favorite herbs and spices better by doing some quick researching into what magical properties they hold. And then, while cooking, or right before eating a meal — add them while speaking out loud what they mean. Thinking it in your head works too, but speaking out loud is more effective.

For examples — making a pasta dish, you add basil and say “basil, for love and protection” or red pepper, and say “red pepper, for passion and energy.” Or adding cinnamon to your cereal, you say “cinnamon, for sweetness and joy.”

While speaking this, be sure to also feel it in your mind. Do not say it as if it’s a chore, or something you do not believe. It’s important that as you add the ingredients, you also fully imagine those correspondences flowing into your life.

The same thing can apply to making a cup or pot of tea, using a tincture, making a spell jar, and so on.

Photo by Stefano Photography on Pexels.com

Watering your plants and caring for them

Home plants are very important for cleansing the air, not only adding ambience, but also adding a sense of company and good vibes, raising the vibration of your living space.

In some ways, plants are far more difficult to care for than pets, because they cannot bark, meow, etc. or act out when their needs are not met. They do not demand our attention in the same way as animals, and so you have to be highly conscious of their wellbeing — which is why so many people end up killing them! Plant pets teach a valuable lesson in being highly aware of your surroundings and remaining mindful.

The act of caring for plants is a very witchy thing to do, because it requires a great deal of consciousness. But going beyond that, there are ways to make your plant care even more conscious. The simplest way is adding prayer or intent to your watering ritual — for example, as you pour or spray, say “I am providing you with fresh water, the source of life, so that you may grow to be strong and healthy.”

It also helps to talk to your plants, even if you are not watering, soiling, gardening, etc. Make a point to say “I love you,” or “keep on growing!” — saying “good morning” and “goodnight,” telling your plants “goodbye” when you leave the house, etc. It may sound silly, but it will at least bring a smile to your face, and at best, will make your plants happier and healthier. (If any of these phrases make you feel uncomfortable or too silly, then do not say them — remember that intent is most important.)

The type of water you use makes a difference too! Use “sun water” (water that has been “charged” by the sun — AKA sitting outside or near a window during daylight) or “moon water” (same concept, but under moonlight — best around the time of a full moon). Place crystals in your watering can or spray bottle, or soak crystals in water before removing them (research the type of crystal first — some can be toxic or get damaged from water.)

And lastly, be aware of plant correspondences (a quick google search will do). Buy specific types of plant with magical intent, and repeat the correspondences to them frequently. For example — a cactus symbolizes protection and perseverance.

Photo by Olha Ruskykh on Pexels.com


Crystals, crystals, crystals! But many people ask — well, what about them? How do I use them?

The easiest way to use crystals (or stones) is to purchase them or find them in nature. Then, place them around your house as beautiful decor. Often when you buy a crystal, especially from a witch shop, it will come with a detailed list of what it means, magically. You can also purchase a book on crystal meanings or look it up online.

Not only do crystals have specific meanings, so do certain areas of the home. For example, crystals by your bed to promote deeper sleep and better dreams, crystals by your door for spiritual protection, etc.

All crystals carry amazing healing properties. However, because they are inanimate, their energy often becomes stiff or backed up (like a constipated belly with no fiber!) which weakens their healing abilities. This is why they should be “charged.”

How to charge a crystal: (multiple methods)

  • Move your crystal around the house — ex: if you had it sitting on your dresser for a while, move it to your nightstand.
  • Place it on the windowsill during daylight (sun charging) or nighttime (moon charging — any phase of the moon works, full moon is best!)
  • Let it soak in water (research if specific crystal is damaged by water.)
  • Just using your mind — imagine the crystal has been charged. (Not as reliable)

Besides leaving them around the house (make sure you can see them — crystals hate being stored away in boxes!) the next best use for crystals is jewelry — earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. As you put on the piece of jewelry, be sure to state the intention/correspondence.

Also, another great use is to hold your crystal while meditating. Empty your mind and feel the energy. You can stroke the crystal, or tightly grip it, or lay it on top of any body part. While you can research meanings of each type of crystal, meditation is the best way to personally understand its unique energy.

A crystal face roller is an amazing way to incorporate crystals into daily routine, massaging skin and stimulating oxygen flow, plus adding the magic!

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on Pexels.com


Cleaning is one of the most witchy things you can do!!! There is a reason why broomsticks are so closely connected to the folklore of witches!

Cleaning is the ultimate magic. While modern society may wrongly look down on those who clean for a living, it is not only the most noble way to make money, but the most spiritual too. Those in the spiritual community talk a lot about “cleansing themselves” — which applies to our physical surroundings just as much as it applies to our inner beings.

You CANNOT properly cleanse yourself from emotional stress, past trauma, spiritual demons and vampires, etc. in a messy and disgusting environment. No amount of sage is going to shoo the devil away with a sink full of dirty dishes, a bedroom full of smelly laundry, and a house full of trash. Most especially, for those who call upon deities, gods and goddesses, mythical beings, saints, the Lord, for prayer into a messy home should must certainly spruce up the place first. Just like guests and visitors, it’s very rude to invite them into your home while it’s trashed. I’m not saying it has to be spotless, not at all, but if it’s too embarrassing for a friend to see, then what makes it acceptable for God?

There are myths and fables of house fairies, or spirits who live in people’s homes. It is said that to leave your home messy will anger these house fairies, attract negative spirits, and bring bad luck. Again, it’s not that you have to be a neat freak! But there’s spiritual benefits to a clean home.

To take your witchy cleaning practice even further, here are some examples…

  • While scrubbing, wiping, etc. circle clockwise to promote a certain desire or general feeling (positivity, protection, etc.) and circle counterclockwise to banish negativity, let go of someone, or release a situation that no longer serves you.
  • Use homemade cleaners with herbs or essential oils, be aware of their correspondences, and say them aloud while you use them.
  • As you clean, express your gratefulness — “I am thankful for this home to keep me safe and warm,” “I am thankful for this sink with clean and running water,” “I am thankful for this floor I walk on,” “I am thankful for this object.”

Physical cleaning not only applies to your environment, but also to your body. Over-cleaning your body by showering too frequently, using a surplus of skincare products, etc. disrupts the natural oils of your skin. Clean yourself when necessary and use nontoxic ingredients. Look up the correspondences of your ingredients.

These are just a few ideas! There are SO MANY little ways to make your life more witchy! Two things to best remember — 1) it’s much simpler than you realize, 2) it’s all about mindset!


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