Top Eight Starseed Tribes

I have mentioned the 22 different Starseeds in a previous post, but now I am going to zone in on the eight most commonly known. *Please use your imagination and have fun with this.*

1. Pleiadeans

Pleiadeans come from a seven-sister star cluster in the eye of the Taurus bull, located 444 light years away. Most reside on an Earth-like planet called “Erra.” Their species has evolved to the 5th dimension. Extremely healthy, they live up to 700 years and hardly ever get sick. Their species is descended from ancient Lyrans.

In appearance, Pleiadeans have Norse-like qualities — blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin. They are said to be 7-8 feet tall, slim and slender. And they have high cheekbones. There is something incredibly graceful and angelic about their presence.

Pleiadeans are humble and highly unaware of their attractiveness. No matter how beautiful, they tend to have self-esteem issues and underestimate their appearances. Most of all, they do not see themselves as sensual or arousing, because they do not think that way.

Pleiadeans are givers and people-pleasers. What makes them happy is helping others, especially those less fortunate. They are trustworthy to the point of naiveness. Too often, their kind nature is taken advantage of. They are subconsciously attracted to energetic vampires with an urge to heal them at any cost.

The Pleiadean society is matriarchal and places celebration on the feminine. They understand that sensitivity, empathy, and emotional vulnerability are strengths — not weaknesses. They are typically not go-getters or high achievers — rather, they are caretakers, nurturers, and advisers.

2. Sirians

Sirians come from the “Dog Star” from Sirius A and B. They have blue skin and stand about 6 to 7 foot tall. They are 9 light years away from Earth and exist in the 6th dimension. They reside on ocean planets. Dolphin, whale, and mermaid heritage comes from Sirius.

Sirius A beings are more involved in creative arts, such as music and singing, or sacred geometry. Meanwhile Sirius B beings are more involved in science and technological advancements.

Sirians are serene and peace-loving. Just being in their presence, one feels much calmer. They radiate a magical, healing glow. Sirians seriously dislike conflict and may attempt to avoid it at all cost. Rather, they choose to keep the peace and go with the flow.

Sirians have strong and passionate personalities, yet remain cool and introverted on the surface. It takes a long time for them to fully open up. Once you get to know one, you will see how imaginative and creative they are, and how deep their thoughts run. Sirians tend to live inside their heads — shying away from the material plane in order to daydream and live in their own, little worlds.

Lastly, Sirians are known for their innocent, joyful, and playful nature. Just like the dolphins — they are silly, youthful, and children at heart. They hope to see the best intentions in everyone, and often give benefit of the doubt. However — once you cross them, their walls close up completely, and it may be impossible for them to let you back in.

3. Lyrans

Lyrans have been nicknamed as “cat people,” or “lion people.” They have physical appearances that resemble a cat. They are hunters and they go after what they want. Their civilization originates from North Lyra. They are one of the oldest bloodlines in the Milky Way galaxy — many other Starseed types originate from the ancient Lyrans.

Lyrans stand anywhere from 6 to 10 feet. Their complexion ranges from golden to dark, with hair color ranging from strawberry blonde to midnight black. Their body is covered in a light fuzz (not fur, but thicker hair.)

It is said that they were the ones who came to Earth to build the ancient Egyptian Sphinx. Like other starseed tribes, they have been involved in many intergalactic wars.

Strongly associated with the root chakra, Lyrans are fiery beings. Their most notable quality is their admiration for the 3-D world and physical pleasures. Lyrans enjoy it all — delicious food, beer and wine, promiscuity, shopping, money, etc. Because they are highly spiritually evolved beings, they can have fun with the material world, without attaching themselves to it and falling into addiction.

Lyrans are bold and brave. Their style is unique and attention-grabbing. Their wardrobe and sense of fashion is trendsetting — they often stray away from the mainstream, in turn others end up copying them. Many Lyrans are hungry for fame and power, but typically choose to go after it in solely ethical ways. They may be competitive, but are still empathetic.

4. Arcturians

Arcturians are know as “the architects.” They are designers, organizers, and leaders. From 36.7 light years away, they come from the Bootes Constellation. They are the most advanced civilization in the Milky Way Galaxy. They are a gentle, private, and quiet race overall.

Arcturians have high technological powers and go beyond primitive computer systems. Instead, they use crystal driven technology and rely on consciousness energy. They time travel through telekinesis. They are extremely wise and knowledgable; they use this wisdom to assist other alien races in evolution of consciousness.

The species comes in all different shapes and sizes. Some may be very small while others are extremely tall. Skin color ranges from blue to green. Arcturians do not get sicknesses or diseases. At 400 years, they consciously decide to terminate their physical bodies.

This highly organized race likes to plan every single detail of life, including their own deaths. It important for them to take every single action with intention in order to preserve the evolution of consciousness. They have plans for many other planet races too — they helped the Pleiadians and now they are helping the Earthlings too.

Some say that when all souls die, they pass through Arcturian energetic architecture. Arcturians are vastly aware about the process of death and dying; this is something that they assist all souls with.

6. Andromedans

Andromedans live outside of the Milky Way Galaxy, and are probably the oldest race to visit here. They come from the Andromedan constellation, 2.5 million light years away. They do not need spacecrafts, they use gateway portals for interdimensional travel.

They appear to have varying colors of blue skin. But Andromedans can holographically shapeshift into any form or element. This species functions at the 12th dimension, making them ultimate ascended masters. Thus, they are highly revered and respected by all other alien races.

There is a High Council in which they govern other star systems and galaxies. But they have a very “hands off” approach. Watching over Earth, it is in their hope that other alien races would leave them alone so that humans can figure out their evolutional progress on their own terms.

Overall, Andromedans are free spirits and strongly support individuality. These are elusive and obscure beings who are picky about which races they choose to communicate with. Mainly, they prefer to keep to themselves, and their true goal is to keep peace among the cosmos.

7. Anunnaki

It is said that the Anunnaki lived on Earth during ancient Babylonian and Sumerian times at the apparent birth of civilization. They developed counting systems, mathematics, astronomy, and record-keeping. Advanced in science, technology, and legality, they jumpstarted human advancement. The ancient Sumerians and Babylonians saw them as gods.

The original Anunnaki were giants who stood 12 feet tall, varying from dark to light skin tones. They were able to crossbreed with Alpha Draconians and Reptilians. It is said that they interbred with Earthlings and bred out all pure bloodlines on this planet.

They come from a reddish planet called Nibiru, which enters our solar system every 3600 years. It is said that they came to Earth in order to mine gold. They genetically engineered humans in order to make them smart enough to follow direction but not intelligent enough to rebel and think for themselves.

This is a race that is very polarized and controlling, with black-and-white thinking.

8. Orions (Draconians and Reptilians)

From the Orion constellation, come some of the oldest species in the entire universe. Orions have dark energy, are attracted to science and occult, and repulsed by anything that is too emotional or abstract. There is a cold presence about them; they are overly logical and matter-of-fact. Some are kind and benevolent while others are evil.

Alpha Draconions mainly reside in the Alpha Draconian star system of Orion. It is said that this race is not originally from this universe at all — that they were “dumped” here from an entirely different multiverse. They claim to be royal heirs of this universe and have conquered many other races. But they are psychically forbidden from interacting with species above the 4th level dimension due to their extremely low vibrational energy.

Standing up to 12 feet tall, they can come across as terrifying with their eerie “calmness.” They are bloodthirsty and power-hungry, with a desire to rule over the entire universe. This race has scaly, greenish skin along with bat wings.

Reptilians are 6 to 8 feet tall and have lizard-like features. They are a genotype of Alpha Draconions and work directly under them. They are also linked to the Annunaki and ancient Babylon/Sumer.

Orions can shapeshift and use this power to hide among the humans and act as one of them.



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