Astrology | the meaning of your sun sign

You are not strictly defined by your sun sign, but it does say a lot about not just your personality — also the theme of your life and how you experience situations.

The sun is what our lives revolve around. It plays an influence over every single other aspect in your chart. It is the spotlight that shines over everything you do.

While there are so many other aspects in your chart, it’s common to feel that you do not completely resonate with it. For example, if your sun sign is in rational Virgo, but your moon sign is in emotional Pisces, then you may find some contradictions within your sun sign interpretation.

Or — if your moon, rising, and Venus are all in Aries, but your sun sign is in Gemini, then you may relate less to your sun sign and more to the Aries zodiac because it plays a larger influence in your chart.

Despite the other influences of your zodiac chart, your sun sign still plays a significant role — you can’t escape it! For some, their sun sign has a stronger impact than others, but it is important nevertheless.


Your life is a series of new beginnings as you thrive on change, scrapping projects and starting over. What you struggle with though, is following through and completing your tasks. You tend to bite off more than you can chew. You have this naive, innocent energy about you because you have a lot of childlike hope. While most people are terrified of the unknown, you have the confidence to embrace uncertainty. This confidence does not come from a place of superiority or invincibility, rather, from a place of blissful ignorance. On the downside, you can easily walk yourself into painful situations due to blind optimism. But on the plus, this is also your superpower, that allows you to tackle daunting challenges that everyone else lacks the bravery to do. Stubbornly independent, you dislike relying on others and prefer to conquer everything alone. Despite this wholesome charm that you radiate, you’re a fighter. Extremely competitive, you strive to be number one — although your greatest enemy is yourself. You may come off as cute and cuddly on the surface, but underneath it all is a bloodthirsty warrior.


Life moves at a slow and steady pace for you, and you experience physical pleasures more strongly than others. Your patience and persistence is your greatest strength, yet your refusal to give up can be your greatest weakness. You’re motivated by material luxuries — you’ll work hard for a big paycheck, you’ll slave away in the kitchen for a delicious meal — although you prefer to avoid exhaustive labor. Your sense of humor and overly giving nature makes you a very warm person. Progress is made by doing the same thing over and over, while taking many breaks and treating yourself, over a long period of time. You dislike shortcuts, “quick fixes,” and almost any type of change in general. It’s incredibly aggravating when people try to rush you, or ask you to change your ways. Your sense of security comes from your physical resources — money, a stable home, a steady job, and a partner or loved ones who you can count on. If you lack any of these things, you will surely go nuts! You do not mind relying on others, in fact having a partner in business or romance brings great satisfaction. You know how to indulge yourself with fine cuisine, luxurious products, and sensual spa days without feeling any guilt.


You live life on the surface. This doesn’t necessarily make you shallow, it simply means that you desire to experience a little bit of everything. It’s difficult for you to commit to one path because you’re constantly thinking about what the other paths hold. Highly intellectual and logical, you are less in touch with your emotions and feel turned off by too much intensity and passion. Being expected to read between the lines bothers you — you are a blunt communicator who prefers others to be straightforward with you. You have excellent speaking skills and likely lean on the extroverted side — it’s rare to meet a shy Gemini. Generally, you do not take life too seriously, and you approach situations with detached curiosity rather than extremism. You enjoy being a part of a team or group; a two-way partnership can feel too intense, and being independent can make you feel lonely. You tend to get along very well with others, as you can always find a common ground between them and you. There are two sides to you — it’s impossible for others to define you, and you like it that way.


There’s a maternal theme to your life — you could be very close with your mother or a mother-figure. Despite your gender, you have a motherly energy about you — generous, caring, and extremely protective. You’re controlling and dominating — yet in the softest and sweetest way possible. You wear a shield of armor that causes you to put up a wall between everyone and everything you interact with — making you feel like an observer, rather than an experiencer, of life. You are heavily in tune with the emotions of those around you, which makes you prone to mood swings, as you unconsciously absorb everyone else’s feelings. Being in large groups for too long can feel exhausting because of your empathetic powers. Your intuition is strong. You prefer to live a private and secluded life, and you prioritize the comfort of your home over everything else. There is a part of you that is always kept hidden, even when you are in the spotlight. Attuned to your own feelings and subconscious mind, you understand yourself very well, in a way that almost nobody else ever will.


Life is a theatrical play, and you are the main character. For you, everything is a spectacle. You wear your heart on your sleeve, but others may criticize you of being overdramatic rather than realizing how sensitive you truly are. Your courage and bravery is mistaken for fearlessness. You can be the life of the party as you mask your pain with humor and silliness. You are skilled at seeing through the motives of others, but sometimes this can lead to unnecessary paranoia. Like the sun, it feels like the whole world revolves around you, which makes it difficult for you not to take things personally. You often find yourself in the spotlight for better or worse — on one hand, all of the attention is flattering, but in other cases it makes you feel uncomfortably self-conscious. You have a knack for children and kids seem to gravitate towards you. You’re highly in touch with your own inner-child and keep him/her alive well into late adulthood. There’s a time and place to be goofy, but you know how to read the room and be serious when it’s necessary.


There’s always a puzzle to be solved — when it comes to people, concepts, or situations. You’re a natural analyzer with personal statistics built inside of your head. You see everything at a microscopic level — picking at the details, noticing the patterns that others are blind to. You prefer to take life day-by-day, one step at a time. Looking at the big picture or conquering too much at once is certainly not your forte. You’re a great communicator but may lean on the introverted side as you prefer to think before you speak. Skilled at reading others, sometimes you know exactly what a person is about to say before they even open their mouth. You are turned off by impulsiveness — everything must be planned out beforehand. Very health-conscious, you tend to be more physically fit, but also prone to being a hypochondriac. At times, you can be very obsessive and prone to addictive habits. Extremely independent, you prefer to do things yourself, because that’s the only way to get it done right.


Life is a courtroom and you are the judge. Your indecisiveness comes from your ability to see both sides of the story, to see everything from the other point of view. Often, it feels like two conflicting teams are coming to you about the same problem — asking you to take their side — but you won’t. If anything, you generally lean towards the side of the underdog, as justice and equality is your top priority. Very charming and charismatic, you tend to be shy and unaware of your beauty. Naturally, you move with grace and poise. Symbolizing both the logic of air signs and the passion of Venus, your head and heart are equally balanced — all decisions are influenced by ration just as much as emotion. However, any decision in general is stressful for you, because you spend a great deal toggling back and forth between the head and the heart. Having a partner — in romance, friendship, or business — is essential for your happiness. For you, it feels like a part of you is missing if you don’t have someone to give yourself to.


Your life path is not for the faint of heart — it’s dark, disturbing, and tragic. Unfortunate events happen all the time — but lucky for you, you thrive off of chaos. Your life is a series of deaths and rebirths as you constantly transform yourself as a result of the heaviness you face. Just as much as you feel pain, you also feel pleasure with the same intensity. You either love or hate — there’s absolutely no in-between — when it comes to people, places, objects, and so forth. People often observe your extreme sweetness and look over the fact that you are equally capable of extreme maliciousness. When someone hurts you, you tend to strike back with frightening vengeance when they least expect it. Always looking beyond the surface, you are the ultimate detective who digs deep into everything. You struggle with detachment, letting go, and seeing things from an impersonal and logical perspective. Drawn to the mysterious, you may feel a strong connect with the supernatural and occult. Your interests tend to lean towards the taboo and unconventional.


Life is a great adventure, and you’ve got your eyes on the prize. Determinate and fierce, you’ve got laser-sharp vision. You prefer to zone in on one thing at a time. There’s a tendency to fixate so hard on something that you lose sight of everything else. A restless spirit, there’s always some type of goal that you’ve trying to accomplish. As soon as you succeed, there’s no time for celebration, because you’re immediately onto the next challenge. You travel often and may move homes frequently, unlikely to stay in your childhood house for too long. Change brings you peace — as long as you’re in control of it. You have a lot of spiritual wisdom. It often feels like things happen for a reason, for better or worse, that the life events you go through are fated and destined. Nothing you do is in vain; it’s your soul’s purpose. You’re insatiable with a thirst for knowledge, wisdom, and power. It’s difficult to feel satisfied because you always want more, more, more!


You are “the father of the zodiac,” you may be close with your father or there’s a father-figure who plays importance. Regardless of gender, you have paternal energy — caring yet stern. For you, following the rules is how you make the most of life. You have a great respect for authority and may even consider yourself an important authority figure. Structure and routine is how you keep your sanity. You hold yourself to high standards and expect the same of others. There is no blurred line between right and wrong — you believe yourself to have high, moral ethics, and tend to look down on those who go against your values. There is a tendency towards addiction, most likely workaholism or an obsession with money. You’re very immersed in the material world and can struggle to see beyond the physical realm. You take your role in society very seriously: whether that’s your job, parenthood, or some type of leadership role. You’re highly aware of your reputation and self-image, and aim to be known as dignified.


You live in the future, ahead of your time. Not easily understood, you think outside of the box and keep people second-guessing. Your mind is very strategic, like a mad scientist. You’re highly intellectual and prefer logic over emotion. For you, life can feel like a peace mission, and you’re here to bring healing. Your sense of hope comes from rational thinking, from making the choice to be happy rather than allowing yourself to become swallowed in despair. A great sense of self-control, you have the power to remain positive simply because you tell yourself to. You tend to feel a sense of belonging almost everywhere you go — your friendship circle feels like your “tribe.” As much as you value fitting in, you simultaneously fear losing your independence and uniqueness. You’re not afraid to set boundaries against those who threaten your individualism. There is a heavy weight on your shoulders, making you feel like it’s your responsibility to save the world — but you have to remind yourself that you can only do so much.


You are the old soul of the zodiac. Your life is filtered through rose-colored glasses and nostalgia. You tend to overlook the harsh realities and live in your own fantasy world. Highly introverted, you prefer to stay home and watch a cheesy movie, or engage in something spiritual like journaling and meditation. There’s an aching for the past, despite the hardships you’ve been through, you often wish you could turn back time. Life feels extra heavy for you, full of sad goodbyes and people who leave you behind. There is a tendency to put others on pedestals and turn a blind eye to their flaws. Avoidant of conflict, you prefer to give others the benefit of the doubt. You navigate life by going with the flow and steering clear of rough waters. There’s so much going on inside your head, which makes you more quiet and observant around others. Sometimes you completely disassociate from the world and drift into outer space. You place little importance on materialism and physical luxuries, instead, preferring emotional bonds and spiritual connection.


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