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Horoscope | Week of Jul 17, 2022

Sunday: Venus enters Cancer for the next three weeks. This enhances our relationships with more depth, vulnerability, and comfort. It also brings more pleasure and sensuality towards your home, so you may feel more inspired during this period to make cozy changes in your house. Alongside, it adds a sense of privacy and seclusion towards those you interact with.

Monday: As the moon enters Aries, there’s a sense of leaping forward towards a fresh start, with thrill and confidence. By beginning a new goal or taking on a new challenge, you can see a lot of progress happen in a single day — it’s up to you to take control. Your only challenge is possibly feeling stunted by friends or loved ones who may not share your similar vision.

Tuesday: Mercury enters Leo, making this a great day to express yourself and further establish your identity. Arguments could surface if you are overly focused on your own point of view instead of looking at someone else’s. Also, there is a sense of pleasure around hard work that both benefits yourself and your community.

Wednesday: Today marks the fourth quarter moon, so it would be wise to slow down and prioritize self-care and solitude. As well, with the moon moving into Taurus, it’s another sign to take it easy — treat yourself to some comfort food for dinner. Communication with others may feel a little aggressive and hot-headed, but you can put this passion to use by talking about shared interests.

Thursday: This is a great day for getting physical — not so much a competitive sport or vigorous workout, rather, grounding yourself at a gradual pace. For example, a slow walk through the woods, or getting your hands dirty while gardening, will bring boosted satisfaction.

Friday: Leo season begins today! As we exit the spiritual, secluded, and control-driven sign of Cancer, we now enter the bold, fiery, and childlike sign of Leo. You may feel compelled to switch up your style, or spend more time with children, or dedicate more time towards your interests.

Saturday: With the waning moon in Gemini, it’s a great day to spend time alone researching new ideas that spark joy. This is a very favorable day, in which you may have some lighthearted yet insightful discussions with others.

Have a magnificent week!


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