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Horoscope | Week of Aug 7, 2022

The start of the week may bring a sense of impatience, as Mars squares Saturn, creating friction between wanting to take action verses feeling restricted and trapped. Accompanied by the fiery Sagittarius moon, there may be some conflict on Sunday or Monday. But alternatively, this opportunity also manifests as an excellent way to put your self-discipline to work which will eventually lead to great rewards. It’s best advised to think before you speak and avoid impulsiveness.

Tuesday also brings some difficult energies. There is a huge focus on communication, in a discomforting way; someone could spill some unsettling news. You could also find yourself struggling back and forth between seriousness and seclusion verses extroversion and play.

Fortunately, Thursday brings sweet energy with Venus transiting into Leo, as well as the full moon in Aquarius. You’re feeling very social with a strong connection to your community. Today, or this weekend, is a harmonious time for hanging out with friends. Alongside, a theme of playfulness, individuality, and joy is prevalent among your relationships with others.


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