Palmistry archetypes: Mercury

In palmistry, there are seven archetypes: Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Luna. Each palm shows one, two, or three dominant archetypes.


The mercury finger is longer than usual, possibly more thick too. This will always be the shortest finger, but for a Mercurian, this finger typically reaches up to the top phalange of the Apollo finger. Also, the mount of Mercury will be thick and juicy. It may lean outwards on the side of the palm. There could be a clear line from the mount down to the wrist.


Mercurians tend to be on the smaller size. They could be short, or skinny, or both. They may have shorter limbs.

Their voices are strong and persuasive. They’re graceful and elegant. Sometimes they may appear to be extra frail. Usually, they are not overly muscular. They often have a decent amount of body hair.

General description

Mercurians are full of energy, especially on the mental level. They tend to stay constantly busy, always taking on a new challenge or project — otherwise they will become restless and suffer from insomnia. Highly ambitious, they push themselves hard and are prone to overworking. They’re very much go-go-go. They make great business people, as they can come up with ideas and strategies like no one else. Also, they’re very good with money and understand how to use it wisely. Their financial habits are carefully planned out and they tend to have a great understanding of investments and economics.

Mercurians have a passion for history, science, and technology. They prefer nonfiction over fiction and fantasy. They like to hear about true stories from other people. And they like to gather information. As much as they enjoy learning, they also enjoy passing on their knowledge and teaching others. Mercurians can work very fast, retaining a great amount of wisdom and factoids that they have accumulated over the years. Academia and testing is exciting to them — a great way to prove and test their abilities.

Mercurians truly have a way with people and can be extremely charming. If they want to, they can persuade almost anyone to do whatever they want. It’s not difficult for them to make friends, and they can be social butterflies when they choose to. However, they like to maintain a sense of privacy and keep their friendship circle small and tight. There is often something innocent, childlike, and wholesome about Mercurians. They are very much in touch with their inner-child and kids seem to gravitate towards them. Mercurians are multi-faceted and hard to place into a single box. If they do not completely tire themselves out by staying busy all day, surely they will have trouble with insomnia.

Social status

Mercurians are generally extroverted, but also have a strong need for privacy. They’re very good with other people, understanding how they tick. They’re really good at getting their way with others, sometimes to the point of manipulation. They can read a person’s energy very well and know exactly how to act around them in order to please them.

Mercurians have excessive energy, so being around other people can help them get this energy out. But they do not require being the center of attention — often they like to sit back, observe, and people-watch. This helps them develop their insight into human nature. They love hearing about people’s life stories, reading memoirs, and having a special eye into someone else’s experiences.

Love & romance

Mercurians adore being in love and being married. They like to see other people fall in love too, making them excellent matchmakers. When it comes to attraction, they are far more motivated by intelligence rather than physical appearance. Mercurians don’t care too much about how someone looks, but rather how they think and operate.

Mercurians are unlikely to divorce, but if the marriage is truly unhappy, then they will. They enjoy being with someone who challenges them. They are far more likely to leave someone because they weren’t challenging enough for them, rather than vice versa. Being in a stable relationship can make them feel restless — they are looking for someone who they can have debates with and try new things with.

Career path

  • Medicine and healing
  • Law and criminal justice
  • Finance
  • Math
  • Psychology
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Working with kids or animals
  • Actors, entertainment
  • Journalism
  • Photography

Money & possessions

Mercurians are savvy when it comes to finances. They are likely to invest and involve themselves in the stock market and trade. They make very smart purchases.

They are gifted when it comes to business and can make great deals. Mercurians may sell many of their old items and make a profit out of it. They are very practical overall when it comes to money.


Generally, Mercurians have excellent health. The only issue to be aware of is nervous system problems or digestive issues.

They may suffer from anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia if they do not keep themselves active and stimulated.


Mercurians are not especially spiritual or religious compared to other archetypes. It certainly depends on many other factors. Because they posses the gift of communication, Mercurians can possibly make fantastic mediums — serving as the voice between spirits/ghosts and the material world.

Shadow side

If you come across a low-vibrational, “villain Mercurian,” they are likely involved in financial theft and deception. These are the scammers, the hackers, and the stealers. Low types of Mercurians are completely motivated by money, regardless of people’s feelings.

Mercurians can struggle to shut down the “business side” of themselves — they may look at every single opportunity as a chance to make money or monetize themselves, rather than simply enjoy something for the sake of enjoyment. They can also struggle with over-productivity, the feeling that they are wasting time if they are not accomplishing something. They may use staying busy as a tactic to avoid their true feelings.

Celebrity examples

Marilyn Monroe has an incredibly long Mercury finger. You can also see how the mount of Mercury pops outwards. (She also has a juicy Luna.) Marilyn was known for her captivating charm. Her presence was never dominating, yet she could not be ignored! Her body was small, and her voice was frail yet persuasive. She was also an extremely intelligent and witty woman, creating her own persona and stage name to be exactly what Hollywood was looking for. She curated a “dumb blonde” act in order to find success, but truthfully she was very, very smart. Funny enough, there is a lot of Mercurian energy behind one of her most famous lines in film — “it’s just as easy to fall for a rich man as it is a poor man!”

Danny Devito has a very long Mercury finger, reaching well above his Apollo finger’s second phalange. You can also see how the rest of his fingers are very short. He is also very short in height. Danny Devito is highly successful and has countless projects in the entertainment business. His energy is incredible, and even with age he doesn’t slow down at all! You can tell that he has a zest for life.

Ariana Grande has an impressive mount of Mercury. Her Mercury finger is not especially long, but the mount is juicy and sticks out. In other photos, you can also see how the mount nearly curves outwards. She is very small and frail in appearance; her voice is soft when she speaks, but loud and booming when she sings. There is also something very youthful about her, and she achieved massive success from a kid’s TV show.


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