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Horoscope for September 2022


September begins on a positive note as Venus enters Virgo on the 4th. This transit brings a dash of pleasure, joy, and sweetness into everyone’s lives. When Venus is in Virgo, it puts a magnifying glass on our relationships with others — friends, family, peers, and partnerships. You may find yourself overanalyzing your loved ones; you should avoid pinpointing their flaws and pay more attention to the little details that you tend to overlook and take for granted. It becomes easier to talk to your loved ones in straightforward and practical ways. In romance, you could be craving stability while also maintaining your sense of independence. You feel more attracted to those who are reliable, down-to-earth, and health-conscious.

On the 9th, Mercury goes retrograde for the rest of the month, until October 2nd. Be aware of miscommunication, technological failures, and delays in plans. Take this time to reflect, think before you speak, and possibly reconnect with old friends. The following day is a full moon in Pisces. Full moons typically represent extroversion, but taking place in Pisces means that you may want to spend this full moon in solitude and silence. Allow yourself to dream, to make art, and to escape the world by indulging in fantasy. It could be a very lucky day if you relinquish control and allow the universe to unfold in its own terms.

The 22nd marks the start of Libra season. As we exit independent Virgo season, you may suddenly find yourself craving partnership, whether that’s through romance or a best friend. Concluding the month is a new moon in Libra on the 25th — this is a great day for signing a new contract or tackling legal matters. You could also be embracing a new beginning with a love interest or business partner. Justice is extra favorable for those with good karma.

To see how this month personally affects you, check out your sun sign (along with moon and rising!)

Aries, the first half of September draws a focus on your health and daily habits. There’s a much-needed dose of pleasure when it comes to mundane tasks, your work environment, and your diet and fitness regimen. You’re finding it easier to make smart and healthy decisions. Mercury is retrograding in your 7th house, which means that there could be a return of an old lover or close friend. If you’re coupled up, there could be some disagreements if you do not take the patience to understand where your partner is coming from. The full moon on the 10th encourages you to close up an important chapter of your life and completely let go. The universe is encouraging you to keep secrets around this time — avoid running your mouth and spreading rumors! Wrapping up the month, you could be facing the beginning of a very special friendship or relationship, or you could be committing yourself to a new project.

The earlier part of September for you is all about having fun. Some of you may be spending more time with children, or simply reconnecting with your own inner child. Your imagination and creativity is at an all-time high, so use utilize it now! If you’re in a relationship, things are very playful right now and you’re having a lot of fun with each other. Mercury retrograde takes place in your 6th house, meaning that it’s time for you to revisit and reassess your health routine and daily habits — think hard about your balance between work and play. The full moon lights up your sense of hope and faith into the future. It will bring a sense of belonging into your community or friendship group. By the end of the month, you’re switching gears from playfulness into rationality and seriousness — all of those ideas you brainstormed in the prior weeks, it’s time to manifest them into the physical and create a practical plan for yourself.

Coming into September, you’re focused on what brings you comfort — your home, your family, and the areas in life that keep you grounded. You could be bonding with a family member more than usual — perhaps your parents, your kids, your spouse, siblings, etc. Typically extroverted, you could be feeling more introverted right now, cancelling plans with friends in order to cuddle up on the couch watching an old movie. Mercury retrogrades in your 5th house, which encourages you to reassess what brings you joy — perhaps the activities you enjoyed in your youth no longer light you up. You could be dealing with creative blockages, some of you may face disagreements with a younger child in your life. Around the 10th, work and career becomes a center focus. You may find that all eyes are on you, as people are paying more attention to you than usual! The new moon that concludes September pushes you to pursue a creative hobby that you’ve never tried before.

Walking into September, you’re feeling open to exploration and adventure. You could be bonding with siblings or neighbors, possibly enjoying some local travel. This is a great time for picking up a new skill or spending more energy on your creative hobbies. There may be a positive and happy conversation with your partner, for those who are coupled up. Mercury retrograde takes place in your 4th house, which could stir up some miscommunication with family members or roommates. You could find that the rules you have lived by for many years no longer resonate with your current situation. The full moon could serve as a huge boost forward — in career, education, or romance. Traveling around this time will be very favorable. Some of you are mastering an impressive skill. As September comes to a close, you are feeling called to make some significant change regarding your home.

Leo, you are fixated on finances and resources during the first half of September. Some of you may be stressing over money, but the good news is that the Venus transit will sprinkle you with, either some extra cash, or an exciting career opportunity. There could be great pleasure at your workplace, a romance for some of you. If you’re coupled up, add some spark into your romance by surprising your sweetie with an unexpected gift. Mercury retrograde happens in your 3rd house, which will augment miscommunication — especially with siblings or neighbors. Once the full moon comes along, there’s an intriguing mystery for you to solve — you could find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of taboo and controversy. Someone might spill a juicy secret to you. The end of the month could bring about a revealing conversation between you and a friend.

It’s time for a new chapter as the start of September marks the midst of Virgo season! There’s also a Venus transit happening your sign, placing emphasis on a beginning in romance and love. Perhaps it’s time for you to move on from an old lover; and for those of you who are already coupled up, you can expect things to feel fresh and exciting again. Mercury retrograde occurs in your 2nd house, which can signify delays in finance — there could be late packages, a missed paycheck, or a feeling of post-buyer’s remorse, so think twice about big purchases. Attention is drawn to an important partnership during the full moon — this brings a deep connection between you and a partner, a best friend, or a coworker. As Virgo season ends on the 22nd, the new moon on the 25th is an ideal time for planning out a new financial strategy for yourself.

Libra, be sure to get extra sleep and rest during the first three weeks of September. Your energy is lacking and a chapter in your life is coming to a close. Mercury retrograde encourages you to step away from the external world and draw more attention to yourself. Others may struggle to understand you at this time, but what’s more vital is that you find the strength to be honest with yourself about your own wants and needs. During the new moon, your analytical thinking powers are heightened and you will find yourself noticing the small details about others, or yourself, that you typically tend to overlook. There could be some drama or excitement at your job, and for some of you a health matter could pop up. Your energy is revamped as we enter Libra season on the 22nd, and the new moon on the 25th is all about planting seeds and preparing yourself for venturing down a new path.

You’re not looking back, as a burst of optimism and faith towards the future hits you at the turn of September. You’re also thinking more about your support system, the role you play in your team or community. A major wish is coming true — especially in terms of romance or friendship. However, as Mercury retrograde goes retrograde on the 9th, you may find it more difficult to let go of your past than expected. Don’t be surprised if an old lover or old friend reaches out. Around the full moon, you’re sure to have a fun and exciting time, along with a major burst in creativity and imagination. You may want to spend some time with kids around then, as you’re feeling especially connected to your own inner child. At the end of the month, around the new moon, you’re feeling extra introverted and reflective. You may find yourself involved in some secrecy — you’re hesitant to share some information with others.

There’s a major emphasis on your career or role in society. Many people are noticing you and paying attention to recent achievements. Your reputation is favorable right now, as others are looking at you in a sweet and positive light. At work, there’s a great feeling of pleasure — this could signify a workplace romance, or could have to do with feeling genuine passion for your job. Mercury retrograde occurs in your 11th house, possibly bringing about misunderstandings between you and your friends. You could also see the resurgence of an old friend or prior teammate. During the full moon, you may feel happiest cancelling plans with friends in order to spend more time by yourself at home, or with close family. Concluding September, there’s great potential to make a new friend, or make-up with and start over with an old friend.

Things are moving forward for you very quickly, Capricorn. This is especially true in regards to a romantic interest, partner, or platonic friendships. The start of September is an ideal time for traveling far with a loved one. Or perhaps, if you’d rather stay in, you can truly bond with someone over a scholarly subject. Mercury going retrograde in your 10th house means that there may be an initial backtrack in your career path, or maybe some of you are returning to an old job or project, maybe an old coworker is resurfacing. Mid-month, the full moon will serve as an especially social time for you. Bonding with peers, teammates, siblings, or coworkers is likely. There could also be a very important conversation at this time. By the end of September, you’re focusing extra hard on your job and work. A new chapter is coming — it may be time for you to try something different in regards to your career path.

It could feel like there is a mystery to solve, coming into September. You’re digging deeper, beyond the surface, in order to look through the true motives of others. You could be involved in some research, especially surrounding anything occult or taboo. Also, there could be a burst in your sex drive, or a passionate urge to get much closer to a loved one. Mercury retrograde occurs in your 9th house, which could delay travel plans or trigger last-minute cancelations. Around the time of the full moon, mid-month, you could possibly receive an extravagant gift, or indulge yourself with a major purchase. If money is low right now, then you can satisfy yourself just as much with a home cooked meal or a spa day at home with a face mask, candles, and a hot bath. Do not deny the physical pleasures right now! During the final week of September, you’re craving a new adventure — step out of your comfort zone and try or learn something different!

Stepping into September, you may find yourself focused on a partnership or friendship. If you’ve been feeling lonely, the first week of the month should fix that by oozing joy into the connections with your loved ones. With Mercury retrograde happening in your 8th house, you may find yourself drifting back towards a puzzle or mystery that you assumed you had once solved. It’s time to backtrack and rethink a situation that involves more than what meets the eye. The full moon occurs in the sign of Pisces, making this timing all about you! While you may have been recently overly fixated on others, it’s necessary to bring the attention back to yourself — ask not what others want for you, but what you want for yourself. Concluding the month, everything is feeling much more intense than usual. You could be exploring your sexuality, or conducting research, or gravitating towards dark and esoteric topics.

If you do not know your pet’s birthday, you can refer to your own zodiac sign, as pets tend to absorb their owner’s personalities.

Aries: Make your pet’s health a priority this month! A more restrictive diet and frequent exercise will go a long way into your pet’s health and happiness. Just be sure that they are getting enough zzz’s, as they will be having some intense dreams!

Taurus: Your pet just wants to have fun! A new toy could serve as a great investment. Do whatever you can to make sure your pet is reconnected with their inner-baby. Invite friends or family over to give your baby some extra love.

Gemini: Take some time to reevaluate your pet’s living conditions — are they happy with their home? Do they need a new bed, or more furniture? Do what you can to make them feel comfortable. Your pet wants to feel valued and recognized!

Cancer: Your pet could be acting extra vocal this month, like they’ve got something to tell you. Perhaps it’s time to teach them new tricks! Train them on new skills this month, and you could be surprised with how quickly they learn.

Leo: Indulging in some new toys or fancy food and treats will make your pet extra happy this month — but nothing beats spending quality time together! You provide your pet with material comforts, and in return, your pet provides you with emotional comforts.

Virgo: Your pet is growing older and wiser, and this month brings a whole new chapter! The bond and companionship you have between one another is put on a spotlight. They would’ve have gotten this far without you!

Libra: Their energy is a little slower this month — but that will pick up by the end of September. Don’t be concerned if they’re taking more naps right now. Be sure that you are giving them the right nutritious meals that they require.

Scorpio: Your pet sees you as their best friend, so be sure that you show them that you feel the same! It could be beneficial to introduce them to new friends, too! They’re feeling extra playful, so remember to be silly with one another!

Sagittarius: Believe it or not, your pet feels a sense of responsibility with their duties in life. Maybe they serve as pest control, or protection, or emotional support — all of the above! A little extra praise never hurt!

Capricorn: Your pet wants to explore and go on adventures — whether that means taking them outside, on a road trip, or providing new spaces for them. This month, make a point to show them something that they’ve never seen or tried before.

Aquarius: As an owner, you teach your pet a sense of spirituality — having grace, doing the right thing, and having faith in the universe. And in return, your pet teaches you how to be an animal — live in the present, follow your instincts, and enjoy the pleasures of the material world.

Pisces: Your pet is paying extra attention to you this month — watching you, studying you, learning you. They’re curious about who you are and all the things that you’re up to. Make a point to pay attention right back!


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