Uranus Retrograde: Science vs Faith

Uranus is an outer planet, so when retrograde occurs, we do not feel the affects as strongly as we would with an inner planet — for example, Mercury, Venus, Mars, etc. It tends to have a greater affect on humanity as a whole, rather than your own, personal life.

Uranus retrograde happens annually for about five months — nearly half of the year! This is yet another reason why Uranus retrograde is not incredibly significant.

The planet was discovered in 1781, during the start of the Industrial Revolution. Uranus symbolizes technological progression, and since its discovery, humanity took a huge step forward in machinery, mechanics, and scientific understanding which is still in full-swing to this day.

Uranus can be nicknamed “the mad scientist” because its influence carries out-of-the-box thinking that is demonized and feared by the majority of society. Most people are scared of change, and today’s mainstream scientific ideologies went through decades of criticism before reaching worldwide acceptance. Today, there are many reliable scientific theories that people are unable to accept, but hopefully will in due time.

And so, Uranus is a natural rebel who does not listen to the mainstream. People may laugh at him, be he will have the last laugh when his outlandish theories are finally proven true through the test of time.

Like all planets, Uranus also has a dark side. Being incredibly intelligent and strategic, Uranus lacks emotion and empathy. We are all familiar with the unethical consequences of scientific testing and technological takeover. It gets dark when we see other humans as test subjects, or robots, or objects rather than souls who need to be loved.

Yet, without any advancements in science and technology, we would be forced to deal with so much more suffering — no medicine, no tools, etc. And so, it’s all about balance — which is why it’s ideal that Uranus spends about half of its time in hiding.

Uranus goes retrograde from August 24th, 2022 until January 18th, 2023. During this period, you may find yourself leaning into your emotional side a little more than normal, and swaying away from the logic and rational. You could find yourself making decisions based more on the heart rather than the head. You may see “what you want to see” rather than looking at the truth from an unbiased lens.

This can also repress your rebellious side, as you’re more willing to follow the rules and go along with the crowd, falling more prone to groupthink. In the period, you could make a few irrational decisions, but remember that this period is necessary to keep your empathy and intuition in check, so don’t criticize yourself too hard for taking a few leaps of faith.


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