Palmistry archetypes: Luna

In palmistry, there are seven archetypes: Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Luna. Each palm shows one, two, or three dominant archetypes.

Luna represents the moon.


The mount of Luna lies directly below the mount of lower Mars and above the wrist. This lines up parallel to the (pinky) Mercury finger. There is no “Luna finger.” Luna archetypes are probably the trickiest to pinpoint! The mount of Luna may be elongated, fleshy, and/or burst out of the side of the hand. If the mount of Luna is deflated, as in there is no juice/bounce to it, and it curves inwards, then this person is likely not a Luna archetype. Sometimes it’s obvious, but sometimes very subtle — Lunarean archetypes are the most mysterious at all and do not like to be defined, so it makes sense that they are the hardest to spot!

Body and voice

A key feature of Lunaereans is pale skin. Despite race and ethnicity, Lunareans run paler than others. So, a white person may be pale to the point of porcelain white, and a dark-skinned person may be lighter than usual. Also their hand in particular may be paler than the rest of their body.

Lunareans are typically more fleshy than others, so they could have a larger body and be more chubby. They may have a round face or belly. They are generally not very muscular. They move in a slow manner.

Lunareans speak with a soft and gentle voice, usually very quiet. They are prone to mumbling, sometimes it sounds like they are half-asleep when they’re talking. They talk very slowly and think hard before saying things.

General description

Lunareans and loners, introverts, and dreamers. They are the most mysterious and enigmatic of all palmistry archetypes, preferring to keep to themselves and live in their own heads. Lunareans have incredible imaginations with vast fantasy worlds inside of them. Still waters certainly run deep. They are extremely creative, insightful, and inspirational. These are writers and poets. A great gift they obtain is their impressive intuition. They can also be psychics, yogis, and ascended masters. Lunareans are not logical, practical, or realistic at all — they solely function from their feelings and emotions. They take action based on gut feelings, going through life relying on what they intuitively know rather than what they can physically see.

Lunareans prefer to live outside of society. They do not follow the mainstream. They would be happier living deep in the woods, or out in rural areas, rather than the bustling city. These archetypes are hypersensitive; any slight criticism is not taken well. Being in large crowds, they absorb everyone else’s emotions like a sponge. This is why they desperately need their alone time in order to function properly — too much stimulation and activity sends them into overdrive. With lower energy levels than most, Lunareans require more sleep and rest, and they tend to spend much of their time laying in bed. They can be criticized as lazy, but they truly do need to recharge their batteries for longer than others.

Although Lunareans are slow-moving, slow-speaking, and easily exhausted, there is also something particularly restless about them. They may move slow, but they do not like to stop moving — this makes them very changeable. Lunareans may often change their appearance: wardrobe, hairstyle, etc. They are also prone to moving homes often, or traveling frequently, or switching from job to job. These people are especially fond of water too: swimming, frequent showers, living near water, and drinking plenty of water. There is something strange, unusual, weird, and eccentric about them overall.

Social status

Lunareans are extremely introverted. They typically prefer to be alone. Lunareans are very uncomfortable in large crowds and prefer smaller social circles. Some can borderline on antisocial, while others keep a tight circle of friends. They prefer one-on-one time with friends.

Lunareans may often shift around to different friends or friend-groups. It’s common for them to move around locations, which can cause them to easily drift apart from others and make new friends. Lunareans do not like to become too attached to their friends and they are often on the lookout for new ones.

Love & romance

Lunareans usually prefer staying single, as they are most comfortable this way. They are prone to divorce and have trouble committing in the longterm. Since they are happy with solitude, they do not mind being alone. And since they are so changeable, they desire change and variety in relationships, which makes it difficult for them to stay with the same person forever.

Lunareans tend to find themselves in secret affairs rather than steady relationships. For them, the chase is better than the catch. They can be very physical, but they are most sexually stimulated by imagination. Lunareans can fall deep into fantasies with others, putting their love interest on a pedestal until their illusions of them are eventually shattered.

Career path

Lunareans enjoy jobs that allow them to use their imagination, such as writing or any type of art. They also do well in the mystical field: tarot, astrology, palmistry, reiki, psychic healing, etc. They can excel at language and communications. And many would enjoy a job involving water, or being near water.

  • Writers
  • Poets
  • Painters/illustrators
  • Psychics/Mystics
  • Tarot readers
  • Palm readers
  • Astrologers
  • Reiki healers
  • Communications
  • Language
  • Musicians
  • Working near water (sailors, fishermen, etc.)

Money & possessions

Some Lunareans may prefer to steer clear of money and possessions in general — instead living a reclusive, spiritual life as a monk or guru. They may give up on these things completely.

Other Lunareans can have a lot of trouble with money, as they tend to be very impractical with the spending. They may overspend on unnecessary things, struggling to keep a realistic budget for themselves.


Lunareans can be very weak, lacking any muscle tone. They are prone to blood issues such as low iron, anemia. Their bodies can run cold: low temperature, cold hands, prone to hypothermia, etc.

Lunareans are most prone to psychological disorders and neurological problems. They often suffer from depression, anxiety, paranoia, and delusional thinking. Some could have bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, ADHD, schizophrenia, etc.


Lunareans are incredibly spiritually gifted. They have psychic gifts with great potential, if they decide to put these talents to use. Lunareans can predict the future, they can see things that others cannot, and so forth. Many Lunareans would consider themselves very spiritual. Although they are less likely to belong to a church or religious group, instead preferring to pray and study in solitude. Some Lunareans could find themselves switching from one religion to another, unable to stick with just one.

Despite their beliefs, all Lunareans are otherworldly. They do not feel “at home” on planet Earth. There is a yearning to go somewhere beyond this material realm.

Shadow side

Lunareans can have very dark shadow sides. They can be extremely selfish and self-centered; this is likely their coping mechanism for becoming too absorbed in other people’s emotions, however many of them can take this too far. They do not like feeling too attached to anyone: whether friends, romantic interests, and even their own family. They can be very distant people who put themselves above everyone else and be quick to cut off anyone who comes too close to them. They can also be overly paranoid and suspicious of people’s intentions.

Lunareans are prone to delusional thinking, some of them can be pathological liars. Sometimes their thinking is so delusional that they genuinely believe their own lies!

Lunareans can be alcoholics or drug abusers. With a desperate need to escape reality, they are easily addicted to these things. Also, lower types can have very perverse sexual desires.

Celebrity examples

Ed Sheeran is a Luna archetype. His mount of Luna is very thick, juicy, and bouncy. He’s a singer and songwriter, known for some very deep and emotional songs. But he is also known for overdoing it on the drinks and the smokes! There is definitely something a little bit alien about him!

Selena Gomez has a decent mount of Luna! She has a very sweet and soft voice, often coming out in monotone. She is very open about her faith and spirituality. But generally, she is quite a private person who tends to mainly keep to herself.

Justin Bieber has a strong mount of Luna. This shows that he is very much of a dreamer; he started his music career without any prior money or fame, it took him a lot of hope to keep on believing in himself to land such success. But this also shows a lot of impractical thinking, he has spoken about struggles with substance abuse and sex addiction, although it seems like he is doing better now.


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