Palmistry archetypes: Mars

In palmistry, there are seven archetypes: Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Luna. Each palm shows one, two, or three dominant archetypes.


Mars does not have a finger, but two mounts: upper Mars and lower Mars. Upper Mars is located on the outer side of the palm, above Venus and below Jupiter. It’s the area right above the thumb. Lower Mars is on the inner side, below (pinky) Mercury finger, located between Mercury and Luna mounts.

Body and voice

Mars archetypes may have a redness to their skin or appear very flushed. They tend to have thick necks. They may be extra hairy. It’s likely for them to have very muscular, athletic-looking bodies. Their chest tends to be broad and wide. Also, their chest area is extra sensitive.

General description

The Martian is highly energetic and passionate. They are intense, animated, and vivacious. The most telling trait of a Martian is how much energy they have. Martians struggle to sit still, as they are always on the move, requiring some type of physical outlet at all times — or else they just may explode! Like all humans, Martians are capable of exhaustion, but they are prone to ignoring their tiredness and instead pushing themselves even further than what is necessary. You will never come across a lazy Martian.

Martians love to keep active through sports, hiking, dancing, and so forth. However, all of their energy tends to come from their bodies, rather than their minds — in other words, they are not very studious. The best stereotype of the Martian can be described as the “dumb jock,” not to say that they are stupid, but that intelligence is not their strongest suit. Yet still, it’s impressive how much their bodies are capable of — these are body builders, mountain climbers, marathon runners, gymnasts, etc. The Olympics is likely filled with Martians, as these archetypes thrive by pushing themselves physically and engaging in competition to prove their strength. Alongside, they’re extremely skilled with their hands, many of them are drummers or mechanical workers.

Martians are fiercely loyal; they never give up. They are persistent about their goals and desires. Sometimes, they are too persistent, to the point of forcefulness and dominance. But generally, the good ones are extroverted and friendly. Martians especially have great loyalty towards their loved ones and will stick up for them at any cost. They are honest and direct, with great integrity. There is something naturally heroic about them.

Those with a strong upper Mars are silent, cool, calm, and collected. While those with a strong lower Mars are more prone to fighting, aggression, promiscuity, and “all bark, no bite.”

Social status

Martians are likely to have a lot of friends and attract many people into their lives. They tend to be very attractive, especially their bodies, which can certainly draw many people towards them. Once you have earned their trust, Martians take friendships very seriously, like oaths. They are not ones to engage in gossip or lies. They like having friends who they can compete with, friends who encourage them to try harder.

Lower types are prone to lashing out, screaming and yelling, and picking fights for no reason. The lower types will not have many friends at all, as people will be scared of them. Some people may only be nice to them due to fear of their aggression.

Love & romance

Martians are the MOST sexual of all the archetypes! They are not very sentimental or romantic; instead, they are intensely focused on the physical. They are turned off by the “mushy gushy” stuff. They love sex; some of them can be sex addicts.

However, Martians are unlikely to cheat because they are so loyal. Once they commit themselves to a partner, they give it their all. They are extremely uncomfortable with lies and sneaking around. Once settled into a serious relationship, they do not like to let go, and breaking up or sneaking around is not an option.

In worst cases, lower type Martians are involved in abusive relationships. They may hit their partner, abuse them both physically and emotionally. They can force a partner to be with them against their will and refuse to let them ever leave.

Career path

Martians do great with physical labor. They prefer jobs that keep them active and require use of their bodies rather than their brains. Martians will go crazy if they are forced to work a desk job.

  • Military
  • Construction
  • Sports
  • Drummers
  • Business
  • Exploration
  • Cars, mechanics
  • Firemen
  • Police
  • Lawyers

Money and possessions

While they are not very studious, they are still quite skilled when it comes to business, so Martians can be very savvy with money. However, it is generally not a huge focus for them.

Being highly competitive, Martians like to work for things and earn them the hard way. Likely, it would be unfulfilling for them to be born into great wealth — they like the challenge and satisfaction of knowing that they made it because they worked hard.

Martians are possessive over their loved ones, but not so much their objects. They are unlikely to hold onto things for the sake of sentiment. If anything, they may use their possessions as a way of bragging against their enemies.


Martians do not handle illness well because they do not allow themselves to rest. They are most prone to burnout and over-exhaustion because they refuse to honor the limitations of their bodies. Laying in bed and resting is too difficult for them.

Martians are prone to muscle issues, high blood pressure, and fevers. They also have highly sensitive chests. And they are likely to overindulge themselves in too much eating, drinking, smoking, etc.


Martians are not necessarily very spiritual. This can depend on many other factors, or other influential archetypes that the palm displays. Overall, Martians are very much focused on the physical and tend to not look beyond that.

Shadow side

Martians are very quick to become hot headed, pick fights, and lash out on innocent bystanders. Some of them will angrily threaten others, but then run away once confronted — while others will actually act out on it.

Lower type Martians are violent. They do not compromise and get what they want by physical force. They are overly assertive, aggressive, and dominant.

The worst type of Martians can be rapists, killers, engaging in any physical act of destruction.

Celebrity examples

The Rock is a perfect example of a Martian. His palms clearly show the Mars archetype. You also see a thick neck and reddish glow to his skin. He became famous for wrestling and then moved onto acting. He obviously stays physically active and pushes his body to his limits.

You can see the sides of Demi’s palm (mounts of Mars) extending outwards and slightly puffed up. She certainly has a decent amount of Mars influence (I also see strong Apollo!) Demi Lovato has always shown a lot of passion in her personality through music, acting, and performances. She is also known for getting into a lot of beef (like the frozen yogurt incident…) She certainly speaks her mind, stands strong in her beliefs, and displays a lot of high energy.

Nick Jonas is totally a Martian. He especially has a prominent upper Mars, which enforces more positive traits of Mars, and also adds to his calm and cool demeanor. Nick displays himself as a bit of an airhead, but very talented on the drums! This passion and possessiveness is fitting for a man who’s first solo song was titled “Jealous.”


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