Palmistry archetypes: Venus

In palmistry, there are seven archetypes: Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Luna. Each palm shows one, two, or three dominant archetypes.


The mount of Venus is the bulge below the thumb. In almost every single palm, the mount of Venus sticks out — but for Venusians, the mount will really pop. It sticks very, very far out of the palm. The mount of Venus may be smooth with minimal deep lines; or it will be grilled with many deep, clear horizontal and vertical lines. A grilled mount of Venus implies more sexualized energy.

Body and voice

Venusians are extremely attractive. Women will be curvy and voluptuous. Men will have nicely shaped bodies. Their bodies will not have sharp edges to them, instead tend to be smooth. They may have baby faces or look very young.

Their voices and pleasant and delightful. They speak in a friendly and comforting tone.

General description

Venusians are lovers in all aspects — platonic, romantic, sexual, and humanitarian. They value emotional bonds and human interaction. These are very warm, generous, kindhearted people with giving hearts. Looking on the bright side, they are optimistic and positive. Physical affection is a must — holding hands, touching shoulders, hugging, kissing. They may be ones to put their hands on someone’s arms and shoulders, give kisses on cheeks, pat someone’s back, in a totally nonsexual way but completely friendly and platonic. With a romantic partner, they crave cuddling and back rubs and so forth, constant touching. Whether in privacy or out in public, they need touch. Public displays of affection is a necessity for them.

Venusians love pleasure, beauty, and aesthetics. They are less focused on career and achievement, and more-so concerned with feeling good. Venusians would rather sit back and receive, rather than work for something. And often, they tend to attract beautiful things/people towards them without even trying! They love the arts — music, movies, dancing, paintings and sculptures, nice clothing, delicious food, etc. Venusians are super trusting, sometimes overly naive, and this makes them susceptible to being taken advantage of. By flattering a Venusian, you can possibly get anything you want out of them, because compliments make them melt. They do not have much of an ego at all. Venusians need to work on setting boundaries and telling people “no” when it’s necessary.

Venusians are very pleasant people to spend time with. They are over-givers and people-pleasers. They make excellent listeners and can sympathize very well. They are peacemakers who avoid conflict; you will never witness a Venusian lashing out in anger. They are the ones to say, “can’t we all just get along?” They want to have a good time, they want everyone to feel good and be happy. Venusians do not like striving far beyond their comfort zone.

Social status

Venusians are generally extroverted with a lot of friends and popularity. People really like them; rarely do they make enemies. It’s almost impossible to have beef with a Venusian; they are too nice. Although, some of them can be super shy. Venusians are not ones to make the first move, or approach someone first, or speak up first — they tend to wait for others to reach out to them and invite them places.

Venusians attract a lot of love in their life; so often friends can turn into lovers or crushes. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to be “just friends” with a Venusian.

Love & Romance

Love and romance is a HUGE priority for most Venusians! They are most likely to marry young, or marry very easily, and least prone to divorce. They are definitely hopeless romantics.

In relationships, Venusians look for a partner who can take care of them and spoil them. They pair best with Martian types, who balance them out, who can take care of them and help them enforce their boundaries. They also do very well with Jupitarians and Mercurians. Overall, they need someone with a lot of energy who can protect them.

There are some Venusians who are far more sexually focused than romantic. Lower types can have sex addictions or sleep around with many, many partners.

Career path

For Venusians, career is NOT a priority. They are not drawn to high-powered careers, they are not interested in climbing the latter, and they do not like overworking themselves to exhaustion. Many Venusians dream of a life in which they do not have to work at all! They would be very happy staying at home and taking care of their children or housekeeping while their partner goes off to work.

  • Helpers
  • Caregivers
  • Therapists
  • Romance, matchmakers
  • Spas
  • Decor, design
  • Art
  • Dance
  • Entertainment industry
  • Actors (especially tragedies)
  • Sex work

Money & possessions

Venusians like to spend their money on luxuries and physical comforts. They may indulge in spa treatments, cosmetics, cozy items, and eating out.

Venusians likely do not prioritize money, or business, or spending habits. Money and possessions certainly do not satisfy them the same way that love, romance, and/or physical touch does.


Venusians tend to be very healthy. They do have highly sensitive nervous systems, though. They could be prone to heart problems. Some Venusians are susceptible to STDs, especially if they have many sexual partners.


Venusians could be very spiritual, depending on many other factors. They tend to believe in karma, kindness of heart, and being good to others. They are natural humanitarians who want to see world peace. Regardless of beliefs, they strive to be a good person. Love is their religion.

Shadow side

Believe it or not, there are some bad Venusians out there! A lower type will probably have a grilled mount (lots of clear, deep horizontal and vertical lines) and especially course, rough skin. Lower type Venusians are overly focused on the physical world — they value sex over romance, they value money over happiness, etc.

Lower Venusians are capable of sex crimes or crimes of passion. A heartbroken Venusian can do something very evil and extreme in a moment of devastation. They may do anything for quick highs and physical pleasure, no matter how far they have to go. They can be sex addicts, who think about absolutely nothing except for sex, who are likely to cheat or commit adultery.

Celebrity examples

Lana Del Rey has a prominent mount of Venus (also very strong Jupiter influence.) She is best known for her love songs (and also very sexual songs). She speaks with a very sweet and delightful voice.

Margot Robbie has a decent mount of Venus! Super beautiful, very sexy, always smiling actress. She displays a positive, cheerful, optimistic attitude.

Brad Pitt has a full mount of Venus. He has certainly always been known as one of the most attractive and charming men in Hollywood. And he’s very talented in drama.


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