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Horoscope for November 2022

October has been intense, full of many changes and forward movement. We haven’t even reached the peak yet — which comes after the first week of November. No one leaves Scorpio season without being completely transformed — for better or worse. For some, the sudden thrust of darkness is too overwhelming; and for others, it’s dangerously thrilling. But for all of us, it’s absolutely necessary. Like “The Tower” card in Tarot, our structures have been dismantled, in order to build a much stronger foundation.

It all comes full-force with the lunar eclipse on the 8th. This full moon takes place in the sign of Taurus, paralleling the height of Scorpio season. In the midst of depth and intensity, this full moon materializes all that has been bubbling beneath the surface. Attention is drawn to money, resources, and who or what we can count on. And keep in mind that this is no ordinary full moon — the lunar eclipse brings significant change. The universe is revealing who you can lean on for real support, verses who’s only pretending.

Mid-month, we have Venus entering Sagittarius on the 16th, with Mercury joining Sagittarius on the 17th. At this point, we first begin to breathe out of out Scorpio season and feel the initial effects of lighthearted Sagittarius season, which comes on the 22nd. And then, comes the new moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd. Although this energy is brighter, Sagittarius is still incredibly fierce — determined, passionate, and goal-oriented. Sagittarius season is about innocent curiosity, experimenting with new things, and going along for the ride.

Lastly, on the 23rd, Jupiter turns direct! This is an extremely lucky and blessed transit. The end of November is sure to bring a big dose of expansion in some particular area of your life, with a great streak of fortune.

Check your sun, moon, and rising signs!

The lunar eclipse highlights your money and resources, indicating major change surrounding finances and material possessions. This could be in the form of a lavish gift, bonus paycheck, or pay raise. Consequently, be aware of sudden financial loss, worst case scenario. The latter half of November, for you, revolves around travel or higher knowledge. It’s an excellent time for taking vacation with your loved ones, or diving extensively into a niche topic. Bond with your sweetie by going to a museum or watching a fascinating documentary together. Concluding the month, your intuition is heightened and you could receive a very important, telepathic message.

The lunar eclipse is all about you, Taurus! You may find yourself going through a severe identity shift, redefining your sense of self. A new chapter in your life is unfolding. Halfway through November, a dose of mystery and taboo pops into your life. Suddenly, you’re very drawn to all of the things that you were once afraid of. Some of you may experience some deep intimacy in the latter half. Wrapping up November, there is some kind of expansion within your community or friendship group — perhaps new friends, teammates, etc. Social situations will treat you well as your popularity is boosted.

A sudden ending could come to the forefront around the lunar eclipse. Pay attention to your dreams at night during this full moon, because a very important message is coming through. The second part of November places importance on a partnership — for many of you, this is a beautiful romance — for others, this could refer to a best friend or business partner. You will find that giving to the person you love feels even better than receiving. Just be sure to continue taking care of yourself as well! The finale of November could possibly serve you with a fantastic promotion at work, or the landing of your dream job — at the very least, finances are sure to improve.

Coming into November, the lunar eclipse brings change within your social circle. Expect to switch things up among coworkers, teammates, or your closest friends. Possibilities include meeting new people, losing some people, and/or an overall change in your dynamic with others. The latter half of the month brings a focus on your health and daily routines. Some of you may feel inspired to workout more or eat healthier, or could find yourself spending more time on your skincare ritual. And at last, you’re concluding the month with a new experience on your hands that results in a new, broadened perspective of consciousness.

Many Leos are beginning a new job, or at least taking on a different role at work, starting November. You are sure to receive a generous dose of attention and recognition during the lunar eclipse. Creativity and imagination takes center stage during the latter part of November. You’re feeling more carefree and experimental — embrace your uniqueness at this time! Some of you are spending more time with kids, or a child, or feeling like a child again yourself. Wrapping up the month, expect a great blessing — perhaps money, deep admiration, or a burst in power.

The lunar eclipse directly shakes up your perception. It feels like, suddenly, you are seeing all things from a much higher perspective. The first part of November is an excellent time for traveling to new places, or intensive studying on a niche topic. And then, the second part of November places attention on your home. You may feel more compelled to stay in and cozy up on the couch with a good movie, rather than going out. There’s a lot of harmony surrounding your family, too. In the final week of November, there will be forward movement within a partnership — whether romantically or strictly business.

Libra, the lunar eclipse brings many changes for all — but it will be extra transformative for you. Expect the unexpected, as your curiosity for the dark side is heightened around this day. Anything from a moment of deep intimacy, to the involvement in something taboo, could truly rock your world. In the latter part of the month, there’s a lot of energy surrounding a small group of yours — your siblings, neighbors, peers, etc. You could find yourself learning a new skill — don’t be scared to be a beginner! Socializing is highly beneficial for you in November’s second half. Finally, Jupiter blesses you with miraculous health, as well as harmony in your day-to-day life.

While others may be struggling with the intensity of Scorpio season, surely, you are thriving! The chaos and darkness of late October and early November makes you feel right at home. The lunar eclipse takes place in the exact opposite of your sign — highlighting your shadow self. In fact, you may be surprised to find the dark parts of yourself manifesting as your best friend, your coworker, or your romantic partner. Towards the end of November, the focus shifts from yourself to those around you. There could be an important friend or partner in your life who you’re totally wrapped up in. Also in the latter half, your mind is on your money — negotiating skills are heightened, so use that charm to benefit your bank account! Finally, your creativity bursts in the final week of November — make the most of it through an imaginative hobby or business venture. A select few of you could hear news of a new baby in your life.

You may be feeling a bit lethargic coming into November, but a burst of energy is sure to return by the end. The lunar eclipse at the start of the month brings change in your health or your daily routine. It’s a powerful time for quitting an addictive habit. Take great care of yourself around this time, in order to avoid an accident. Later on in November, you’re feeling lucky! It totally feels like the world is revolving around you. Do not feel ashamed to put yourself first — you deserve it! Jupiter, your ruling planet, will bless you in the area of your home and family. Some of you are expanding your home, moving somewhere larger, or adding a new addition to your family. You will be feeling more spiritually connected to the universe.

While this lunar eclipse may be scary for some, it is likely to be very fun and adventurous for you. There could be a creative breakthrough. If you have a child, or kids, in your life, then there will certainly be a change within your relationship — hopefully for the better! Another possibility is that you could hear news of a pregnancy. In the latter part of November, you may find your energy decreasing, so be sure to rest up. You will likely be feeling more intuitive, spiritual, and receptive. You can thrive in the second half of November by simply going with the flow — there’s no need to control things at this time. Concluding November, there’s a major expansion in your social life — among peers, classmates, coworkers, or neighbors. Engaging in a low-pressure hobby will bring great fulfillment.

A major change is happening in your home, or your family, during the lunar eclipse. You could be moving homes or doing some serious redecorating. Or, there could be news of an addition to your family — a baby on the way, a new in-law, or maybe a new pet! In the latter part of November, you’re spending a lot of time with your friends, and feeling more social than usual. It would serve you well to become more involved in your community at this time. Alongside, you’re focusing hard on the future and making plans for what’s to come. The end of November could certainly bring you financial blessings.

For you, the lunar eclipse will be a very social time, indicating change within your peers — classmates, coworkers, siblings, neighbors, or close friends. Or, there may be some changes within your town and neighborhood. The second part of November draws great attention to your career. You may receive a promotion, or at the very least some overdue recognition from your boss. People are noticing you more in the latter of November, paying attention to your reputation and accomplishments. And finally, your ruling planet Jupiter, turns direct in your sign — making you feel like the luckiest person alive — and you will definitely be the luckiest zodiac sign during this moment!


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