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“The Captain & the Mermaid” Now Available as an Audiobook!

Now you can LISTEN to my novel, The Captain & the Mermaid! It is available for FREE on Spotify! CLICK HERE to listen!

You can also still purchase the ebook or paperback copy on Amazon HERE!

I’ve had a few people tell me that they are interested in my book, but that they aren’t book-readers, and that it would be better to hear as an audiobook. I understand, book-reading is not everybody’s thing, and some people really struggle with it. It’s also harder to find the time to read a whole book when you can’t multitask. So, here you go!

I had a lot of fun recording my book. There is an option to pay for a professional actor to record your book, but I thought it would be an awesome experience to reenact it myself. And it really was! It was like bringing the book to life! Through this experience I could completely immerse myself into the characters, environment, and feelings — more deeper than just writing. It gave me an even deeper understanding of my own work.

I have to admit, I found myself getting annoyed with Fuchsia (the main character) several times. I think that’s a good thing because in my opinion, main characters aren’t supposed to be completely likable, they’re just supposed to be relatable.

I was considering selling the audiobook on Amazon, along with the book, but I decided that I wanted to publish it for free. I wanted to make it accessible for more people. I also enjoyed the process of recording so much that I’m really happy to share it without a price. If you do enjoy the audiobook, you can show support by buying a copy of my book, but it’s not necessary.

What’s next? I’d like to release a second edition of C&M in order to make the formatting a little better and fix a few typos. I would also love to record Forbidden Knowledge at some point! Self-publishing is awesome and I am looking forward to putting out more books, I can’t say for sure what’s next, one of my ideas in mind is a nonfiction piece. We shall see! Recording the book certainly gave me some ideas for a sequel…


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