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I Made Over $500 Blogging On Medium In The Month of January

In the month of January, I made $566.44 as a Medium Partner. This money came directly from my blog posts and amount of viewers and readers I received in that month.

I say this not to brag, (but yes, I am totally proud of myself) I say this to encourage other writers, bloggers, and content creators. If I can do it, anybody can do it. If you are a blogger who is serious about earning, I highly encourage you to join Medium. And if you are any type of artist, this is your encouragement to continue searching for platforms that compensate you the way you deserve to be.

For some, this amount is nothing — it’s not enough to make a living out of. For me, this is huge. I have a full-time job as a laboratory technician, but since college, I’ve worked hard outside of my formal education and corporate career to find supplemental income along with a therapeutic outlet for my imagination. As a professional scientist, it’s vital for me to also have a space where I can be limitless and free — an artist.

I only joined Medium in November and was accepted into the Partner Program halfway through the month. In December, I made over $100 — and that itself was incredible. I wrote a post about this and expressed my fear that it was just luck, and that I wouldn’t find success like that ever again — one month later and I reached nearly $600. I still want to keep my expectations low for February, but time will tell!

I’ve made some money here and there through book selling and my Etsy shop, but this is my greatest success so far. It feels really good and I am happy to see that I have come this far.


6 thoughts on “I Made Over $500 Blogging On Medium In The Month of January

      1. Was it your Lana del Ray posts that did well, or other stuff? I’ve got some stuff I’m going to publish soon that has wider appeal and after reading your post, I’m gonna try putting it up on Medium as well

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      2. I haven’t reposted anything Lana Del Rey actually. My best posts on Medium seem to be astrology related, it was “horoscope for 2023” that really blew up in January. Most of my earning credit for that month goes to that one. What really helps with views on Medium is submitting your post to a “publication” which will reach a wider audience.

        You should! Once you hit 100 followers is when you can apply to earn from your articles. You can view 5 articles per month for free, or do $5/month unlimited access, and I think engaging more with other users helps build your audience.


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