What Will Pluto In Aquarius Bring? (2023–2044)

Pluto enters Aquarius in March 2023 and remains there until 2044. Find out how this will affect the collective, along with how it will personally affect your zodiac sign.

Photo by Carlos Kenobi on Unsplash

Pluto transits are a big deal because they can last anywhere from ten to thirty years. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was from 1777 to 1797 — the establishment of the United States and the French Revolution.

Pluto represents two things: an era and a generation. The “era” refers to the time period that Pluto is in a certain zodiac sign. The “generation” refers to babies born during that era, and the changes that they will bring into society as they enter adulthood in the next two to three decades.

And so, Pluto transits are a big deal because they not only affect a point in history, they determine how a generation will change the world in the coming decades. You can read more about each Pluto era and generation in history since the turn of the twentieth century in the following article:

The Generations (and Eras) of Pluto

I will be going over the qualities of each generation according to Pluto transits: from 1912 to 2067. This includes…

The above article is a general overview of how Pluto has affect humanity in the past hundred years. But for the purpose of this current article, we are going much deeper, and so I will backtrack by only one era — Pluto in Capricorn.

Transitioning from Capricorn to Aquarius

It should be understood that the transition from Capricorn to Aquarius is very gradual. First off, we have to take retrograde into account. Retrogrades happen when the planets appear to move backwards, into the previous sign.

While Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23rd, it turns retrograde on May 1st of 2023, which will cause it to fall back into Capricorn on June 11th. There will be a bit more back-and-forth in the year 2024, but then will permanently remaining in Aquarius on November 19th, 2024 — for approximately ten years.

In other words, the years 2023 to 2024 have us jumping back and forth between Capricorn and Aquarius. These are the “transition years” which can trigger the most chaos. If you’re having a baby this year, you will want to double check your dates before assuming that it is a Generation Aquarius.

  • Pluto in Capricorn until 3/23/2023
  • Pluto first in Aquarius: 3/23/2023 to 6/11/2023
  • Pluto back in Capricorn: 6/11/2023 to 1/21/2024
  • Pluto again in Aquarius: 1/21/2024 to 9/2/2024
  • Pluto back in Capricorn: 9/2/2024 to 11/19/2024
  • Pluto finally in Aquarius: 11/19/2024
Photo by Filip Urban on Unsplash

Looking back at Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto was in Capricorn from approximately 2008 to 2023. Capricorn can be a very difficult sign for the collective whole, and this era saw a lot of setbacks and restrictions that the influence of Saturn is known to enforce. It kicked off with a Great Recession and wrapped up with a Worldwide Pandemic.

Capricorn can be a harsh influence because it requires us to become responsible for our actions. Capricorn does not accept forgiveness; it stubbornly refuses change. In this era, we saw many public figures fall from grace as “cancel culture” was established. This was good and bad — as some people faced false accusations while others finally had their justice served.

After the technological boom of the Sagittarius era, when the entire world shifted from boxy computers and dial-up internet (1995) to Wi-Fi, smartphones, and social media (2008), everything somewhat stabilized. Think about it — the technology from 1995 to 2008 is a far wider gap than the technology from 2008 to 2023. Of course we still saw the progression of technology, but on a much slower rate than the prior era.

The period from 2008 to 2023 in terms of fashion and aesthetic, saw the return of vintage and thrift-shopping. This was the birth of “cottagecore.” We saw a pushback against technology — the popularization of “social media breaks” and making efforts to track and limit our screentime. The romanticization of urban living took a fall and was replaced with connection to nature, gardeners and plant-parents, and farming. More people started growing their own food and chickens became popular as suburban pets — all of these aspects define the earthy, traditional, physical-labor parts of Capricorn.

Photo by julien Tromeur on Unsplash

Moving forward into Aquarius

Both Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn — however, Capricorn symbolizes the past, while Aquarius symbolizes the future. I’m sure that many of those who were born decades before the 2000s thought, “why haven’t we seen much progress since the turn of the 21st century?” And that has everything to do with Capricorn — who rejects change and who hangs onto tradition.

What about the flying cars? Or the holograms? Why haven’t humans been to Mars yet? All of these answers direct us to Pluto in Capricorn. This era has been the drawing back of the arrow in order to propel us into something so much more grand. Pluto in Capricorn was about planting the seed, nourishing it, and establishing a stronger foundation for humanity in preparation for the extremely fast-paced changes coming our way.

Aquarius is associated with scientific discovery, laboratory research, technological inventions, space travel, and the expansion of consciousness as a collective whole. This era is going to give humanity great hope and connection to one another. We can expect better treatments and cures of diseases, new technology, deep exploration of space, and the acceptance of human progress.

I can see this also being a time of psychedelic medicine becoming mainstream. Pluto in Capricorn brought a resurgence of herbal medicine, and I believe that Pluto in Aquarius will actually push modern, medical research studies into these medicines. There may no longer be a division between herbalism and pharmaceuticals, as we find a way to blend the two, which can create more healthy and healing paths for the sick.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

How will Pluto in Aquarius affect your zodiac sign?

Pluto is an outer planet, which means it poses more influence on the collective conscious as a whole, rather than our intimate lives. However, it is still worth checking out your zodiac sign (sun, moon, or rising) to see how this will strike you on a personal level.


In the next twenty years, there is deep transformation happening around your sense of community. You are being forced to examine your definition of “support system,” as your sense of friendship is shifting. You could see many friends come and go; you may lose a lot of friends, but they will be replaced with new ones.

Your mindset is becoming more future-oriented. You are a quick, impulsive, and impatient sign — but these next two decades will have you thinking more big-picture than ever. The choices you make will be more heavily influenced by the longterm affects.

While you are highly independent, these next two decades have you leaning on the support of others — an entire community — as you face your fear of being dependent. You will be feeling a greater sense of connection with the people around you.


A huge shakeup is happening within your career path over the next twenty years. This will not happen suddenly overnight, but will consist of many tiny yet significant shifts. If you have been in the same profession for decades, this may be a period of trying something totally different to earn a living. If you’re been on a steady educational path for a while, you could find your professional interests changing completely.

What’s also changing is your overall place in society. You will be finding yourself more aware of other people’s perception of you — what do you bring to the table? What do you have to offer? What cards are you laying out? The state of your reputation become more vital than ever in terms of reaching success.

There is a great shift happening around fame — famous Taureans may slowly run off into hiding and find themselves living off the grid by 2044, while wallflower Taureans could very well see a slow and steady increase in fame, that leads to a thrust into the spotlight by 2044.


The following twenty years are bringing you very fast-paced expansion. This could be a key point in your educational path. This era could bring you more knowledge than ever, as your thirst for expertise is growing. You could work hard to become a guru, master, or teacher in your niche.

This time period may also bring a lot of travel. You could be visiting many new countries in the next two decades. You may suddenly decide to move somewhere completely new at some point — or you may become so restless that you are taking extensive trips every weekend.

Your career may require travel or more schooling. In this period, you may be earning many degrees, certifications, or badges of honor. Your desire for achievement will be insatiable. By 2044, you will likely look back and be very surprised of how much you have accomplished.


The next twenty years are going to be incredibly intense for you, Cancer — more so than any other zodiac. Your desire for intimacy, closeness, and privacy is going to surge over the coming few decades.

You will lose interest in superficial pursuits and flakey friendships, as you will crave a close partner, and only a handful of best friends at most. Everything you do will be done on a deeper level. This is a ripe time for connecting with the darkest parts of your soul.

If you are already involved in the dark arts, such as astrology, tarot, witchcraft, conspiracy theories, and so forth — then this coming period will strengthen your connection to it all. Pursuing a career in this area could really pay off.


Your partnership is changing — those who have been single for what feels like eternity are likely to soon enter a committed relationship, while those who are taken are going to be facing many changes with their partner. You may consider an entirely new style — polyamory or an open relationship, for example.

This transit is heavily affecting Leos who are married, as Pluto will be in your seventh house of marriage. Many, many Leos will be getting married, ending their marriage, or completely reconstructing their idea of marriage in the following twenty years.

Lots of Leos are signing contracts in the year 2023 or 2024 that will have direct influence over the next twenty years — a lease, a large purchase, a legal agreement, etc. Double check your documents before you lock yourself in!


The next two decades bring great impact on your health. Do not be worried; it doesn’t necessary mean that you will have a health crisis. This could play out in many ways, and in the best-case scenario, you could completely heal your body over the course of these twenty years.

You will be rethinking your relationship with your body. Some of you could make a major, long-lasting change in your diet — such as going vegetarian, for example. If you learn how to make your health a priority, you will see significant results by the year 2044! Be patient with yourself when it comes to your health goals — slower pace brings more sustainable changes.

Your daily life is changing on a microscopic level. This is the perfect period for kicking toxic habits — anything from quitting smoking to remembering to take your vitamins and get to sleep on time.


This transit is directly affecting your relationship with children. If you’re a parent, then this is a vital period for you and your kids. You may find yourself more surprised, shocked, and strongly affected by the actions of your children — for better or worse. There may be a son or daughter of yours who requires more of your attention.

If you are not a parent, then this can refer to a niece, nephew, godchild, cousin, etc. This can also relate to those who teach children in school or programs. Unexpected pregnancy is also extra likely for you!

For your highest psychological healing, spending more time with kids is going to help you see the unhealed parts of your own childhood. Spending time with pets and animals can be just as helpful too.


Much change is happening around your home and family. In the next twenty years, you can expect a change in residency, alongside many changes with family members. You could see a lot of new in-laws or babies coming in around this period. You may feel a lot closer to certain family members who you used to feel very distant with.

It’s likely that you will be moving homes soon. You could move somewhere completely different, perhaps even a forgein land. And if you don’t move, then you will certainly see a lot of shifts happening at your residency — roommates coming and going, construction, new additions, etc.

And, there is also deep change happening within your belief system. Some of you may leave your religion and/or enter a new one. Your spirituality will be completely transformed by 2044.


Your style of communication is going through reconstruction. This can manifest in so many different ways — some of you are learning a new language, some of you are gaining a new voice on social media, and some of you are speaking your mind in places where you used to hesitate. This is a beneficial period for writers, public speakers, or those who do social work.

The next twenty years for you will be full of brainstorming, big ideas, and creative breakthroughs. A career or side-hustle that requires imagination will bring you great joy.

You’re going to feel a greater connection to those who you feel equal to, such as siblings, coworkers, or classmates (as opposed to bosses, clients, teachers, etc.) I see you trying many new things, having a lot of fun, and not taking yourself so seriously in the next two decades.


As Pluto is leaving your zodiac, you can take a breath of relief. You have just completed a period of intense, heavy, and life-changing transformation. You have likely felt personally targeted by Pluto!

There will now be less pressure on yourself, and more of a focus on your resources — including money and possessions. It’s time to rethink your relationship with “stuff” — this can either manifest as throwing away most of your belongings, or accumulating a great amount of wealth. Try your best to steer clear of bankruptcy or hoarding tendencies.

You may find yourself becoming either a bare minimalist or a rich businessman by 2044. It can swing to one extreme of the other. These next twenty years will test your perception of money — are you too cheap or cleverly thrifty? Do you splurge on luxuries or throw it all away on unnecessary junk?


As Pluto is entering your zodiac, this is HUGE! This transit is sure to affect you the most. The bad news is that the next two decades will be very heavy, and you might even feel personally attacked. The good news is that these changes coming your way are absolutely necessary for your highest wellbeing and spiritual growth.

In these twenty years, you are thinking much more deeply about your life purpose. This is perhaps a concept that you have never thoroughly pondered before. You’ll be asking yourself the big questions, like — why was I born here? What am I meant to be doing? What is my destiny?

Not only will you be surprised, but your friends and family will be just as surprised by how much you are changing. Come 2044, nothing is going to be the same!


These coming years, the Universe is calling for solitude on your part. The next two decades brings more alone time, deeper introspection, and a stronger sense of spirituality. Where you once found joy in nights out in the city or partying with friends, you will be feeling more called to cozy nights at home by yourself, journaling and meditating.

You may feel a bit more lonely during this time. But by forcing yourself to socialize to the point of exhaustion, it will only leave you feeling lonelier. This is not to say that you won’t have friends or family, or a partner, to lean on — but you will find yourself less involved in their social lives, and more detached as a peaceful observer. This is a good thing — because you will resist the need to control other people’s lives.

Your spirituality is truly deepening, so be sure that you do not ignore this. Going with the flow is your best course of action through 2044. When something happens that makes you feel out of control, simply let it happen. You are the passenger, rather than the driver, in this era of time. Sit back and relax — enjoy the ride.


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